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English Standard Version Bibles (ESV)

The English Standard Version is the revised version of the Revised Standard Version, originally translated in 1952. The RSV Bible united a vigorous pursuit for accuracy with the desire to capture the simplicity, beauty, and dignity of expression. Published in 2001 by Crossway Bibles, the ESV Bible aimed to carry forward the legacy of the RSV for a new generation.

Over 100 Christian scholars, both men and women, assembled to undertake the task. This hundred-member team shared a common commitment to God's Word and represented a rich international and denominational diversity. Steering away from interpretive opinions and contemporary cultural influences, their focus was to be “as literal as possible while maintaining clarity of expression and literary excellence.”

By capturing the echoes and overtones of the Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek texts the ESV proudly claims to be the best modern translation in English literature. Therefore, this translation is ideally suited to in-depth study of the Bible. Equally the English Standard Version is also a useful Bible for those standing in the pulpit, preaching and reading the Word of God.

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