Disposable Communion Cups

In Christianity disposable cups are mainly used at Holy Communions

Today most Church’s use glass communion cups as they now prefer to us disposable cups for communion services.

The Purpose of the communion cup during a communion service is to represent the blood that Christ shed for us and are an important element of the Christian Faith. The Chalice also holds similar meaning in the Christian faith and is a symbol of the Holy Grail and in some churches they are often blessed before their use. During a communion service the disposable cups contain red wine and are placed on a holy table or altar by the congregation at the communion. As well as the disposable cup of red wine the congregation also place Communion Wafers. A collection is also taken for the Church’s work on the service.

 Disposable Cups are also used during a communion service in remembrance of Jesus Christ when he took the bread and wine at the last supper

Eden provides Holy Communion disposable cups that are clear soft plastic cups that look like glass and are relatively inexpensive. The disposable cups also come in a variety of packs including packs of 100 and packs of 1000 depending on the amount you want.