Deep and Wide Hardback

Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend

by Andy Stanley;

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Deep and Wide

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Training Manual For 21st Century Church

Drawing on 25 years of leading North Point Community Church, Andy Stanley has laid out all his leadership strategies, preaching formulas and trade secrets on the table for everyone to read. The result, 352 pages no Christian leader should live without.

Here is a taster of what you’ll find inside:

•    Strategy for preaching to “dual audiences” – both mature believers and cynical unbelievers
•    North Point Community Church’s spiritual formation model: The Five Faith Catalysts
•    3 essential ingredients for creating irresistible environments
•    A goldmine of North Point’s church documents including: survey cards, mission statements, strategy’s, church charter sheets and ministry descriptions.

Andy looks back to the beginnings of North Point in 1995, unpacking the key decisions and strategies that made church attendance explode. He also describes with unique insight the growth of 6 church-plants, plus an extra 25 strategic partners throughout North America.

Leadership is Andy Stanley’s strong point. Reading his book gives you behind the scenes access to his ministry, his Church and all his preaching secrets. Looking to create Church for this generation that engages all levels of faith, leading people into a deep and passionate faith? Then Andy’s book, ‘Deep and Wide’, is the manual you’re looking for.

Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley was published by Zondervan in September 2012 and is our 20273rd best seller. The ISBN for Deep and Wide is 9780310494843.

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Inside Leadership - Andy Stanley Inside Leadership - Andy Stanley
Posted: Thursday, October 25th

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Publisher's Description

Nearly 2,000 years ago, Jesus started a movement that has grown like wildfire throughout history. Author and pastor Andy Stanley draws from Scripture and over 25 years of pastoral experience to bring to life the irresistible nature of this movement known as the Church. With surprising candor and transparency pastor Andy Stanley explains how one of America’s largest churches began with a high-profile divorce and a church split.

But that’s just the beginning...

Deep and Wide provides church leaders with an in-depth look into North Point Community Church and its strategy for creating churches unchurched people absolutely love to attend. Andy writes, “Our goal is to create weekend experiences so compelling and helpful that even the most skeptical individuals in our community would walk away with every intention of returning the following week…with a friend!” Later he says, “I want people to fall in love with the Author of Scripture. And while we can’t make anyone fall in love, we can certainly arrange a date.”

For the first time, Andy explains his strategy for preaching and programming to “dual audiences”: mature believers and cynical unbelievers. He argues that preaching to dual audiences doesn’t require communicators to “dumb down” the content. According to Stanley, it’s all in the approach. You’ll be introduced to North Point's spiritual formation model: The Five Faith Catalysts. Leaders responsible for ministry programing and production will no doubt love Andy’s discussion of the three essential ingredients for creating irresistible environments.

For pastors willing to tackle the challenge of transitioning a local congregation, Andy includes a section entitled: Becoming Deep and Wide.

If your team is more concerned with who you are reaching than who you are keeping, Deep and amp; Wide will be more than a book you read; it will be a resource you come back to over and over!
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Section One: My Story – Starting Up and Starting Over
1.    Not All That Deep
2.    Family Matters

Section Two: Our Story – Walking Toward the Messes
3.    Words Matter
4.    Just As I Ain’t
5.    Defying Gravity

Section Three: Going Deep – Rethinking Spiritual Formation
6.    My Big Discovery
7.    Playing My Part
8.    From Out of Nowhere

Section Four: Going Wide – Why They Love to Attend
9.    Creating Irresistible Environments
10.    Rules of Engagement
11.    Double-Barrel Preaching

Section Five: Becoming Deep and Wide – Transitioning a Local Church
12.    Coming to Blows with the Status Quo
13.    Mission and Model
14.    Led to Lead

Conclusion: What If?

Appendix A: North Point Survey Cards and Results Sample
Appendix B: Starting Point Ministry Description
Appendix C: Measurable Ministry Wins
Appendix D: North Point’s Mission, Strategy, and Beliefs
Appendix E: North Point Community Church Charter Members

In Brief: Eden Video Transcript

"If the church is he body of Christ, what kind of Christ are we showing the unchurched world? Andy Stanley’s ‘Deep and Wide’ is about building the kind of church the un-churched would love to join. The book’s 5 sections shift your focus from simply growing bigger numerically, to growing deeper spiritually."

Andy looks at creating an irresistible church - from car park to after service coffee, and offers a model for mission from the point of view of the unchurched. With '5 Catalysts to Faith' he leads you toward growing a church that moves together rather than simply meets together."



“… No Christian leader can afford to miss this book.” – Rick Warren, pastor at Saddleback Church and author of ‘Purpose Driven Life’.


“Couldn't be prouder of my son, Andy … I wish a resource like this existed when I was starting out in ministry.” – Dr. Charles Stanley, founder of In Touch Ministries.

“Deep and Wide pulls back the curtain for all of us to see what is required behind the scenes to build a prevailing church. I was both challenged and inspired by this book.” – Bill Hybels, pastor author of ‘Just Walk Across the Room’.

“The most common question I get from pastors is, ‘How do I get the people in my church to be open to change?’ From now on my answer will be, ‘Read Deep and Wide by Andy Stanley’. Thanks Andy. Great book!” – Craig Groeschel, pastor at LifeChurch.TV and author of ‘It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It’.

“Deep and Wide is a rich resource to help all of us stay intentional about the main thing – building a church that reaches people who are far from God.” – Steven Furtick, pastor at Elevation Church and author of ‘Greater’.

"This one really got my head spinning. I tried to imagine what my church looks like to a visitor, and especially, to a non-believer. What do they see when they come to our worship service for the first time? Are the core values of the church effectively being presented?" - Andrew Rogers, Zondervan.

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Eden Article: Building The Church That The Un-Churched Will Want To Join

There’s more to leadership and church than getting bigger. Real growth means going deeper too. In his experience based vision for a wider deeper church, The Pastor of Atlanta based North Point Church, Andy Stanley divides his new book into 5 well thought through and easy to read and follow sections.


The first part of ‘Deep and Wide’ is Andy Stanley's own story. It might seem a bit self indulgent to start a book about building other peoples’ churches with a dozen of so pages all talking abut yourself, and you could skip this section, if you must. But if you want to know why Andy is worth listening to, this section and the one that follows sets out his credentials as church leader who’s knows what he’s talking about and whom he’s talking to.

Andy's own story is full of all the trials and tragedies that afflict the real lives of the people your church wants to reach with the good news of Jesus Christ. And that’s not simply good news about life heaven, but good news about life on Earth. Andy’s story includes the pain of division within the home church, dissent against its leadership, family break up and the loss of spiritual direction that leaves individuals, churches, communities and nations lost and floundering.

Out of all this struggle comes a new vision for a new kind of church that goes deeper spiritually as well as simply wider numerically. All this is summarised in the last paragraph of this first section of Andy’s book with the wisdom of this father, “Obey God, and leave the consequences to him.”


The second part of Andy Stanley’s book begins to address the question of what the un-churched understand when the churched use the word ‘church’. If the first section of the book is Andy’s story, then the second part is your story – your story as part of the church of Christ. Again, skip it if you simply want to get the book read, rather than really read the book, but this section tells you how you came to be where you are now. Because only when you know where you are, can you choose the right direction to get to where you want to be.

In this section, Andy attempts to clear up the current confusion as to what church is and what it's really for. If you think you have this sorted, then it’s well worth checking your view against the views of those you want to attract to your church. Going back to the very beginning, the author looks at how the church even got started amid the oppression of the first century. Questioning whether today’s churched are fully aware of their own history, he uses the lessons of Jesus immediate followers to explore what the church is and who it’s for. Answering those queries, he poses a new question: ‘Are we [the churched] moving or simply meeting?’

While we all know what the answer should be, only by looking at where we are and where we came from, can we realise that what we have created is a place where – although we might be comfortable, we have unintentionally, created a church that isn’t as welcoming to the un-churched as we’d like to think. So… what to do and where to start?


Andy starts not with a programme for the un-churched, but with a plan for changing the spiritual mindset of us, the churched. In rethinking our spiritual formation, Andy outlines his own ‘big discovery’ and proposes a mission statement that steers the church toward ‘leading people into a growing relationship with Christ.’ The word relationship proves key here, and leads to questions about what that kind of church looks like in action.

Central to growing deeper and wider are the author’s ‘5 catalysts’. They’re all there on page 111, if you really want to cut your reading short, and the clue is they all begin with P. But again, to get the best of the book, you really want to read what he has to say about each of them.


This is probably the bit you’ve been waiting for. Here Andy goes into why people love to attend church, and how to create just that kind of church. The golden thread through this whole section is in Andy’s statement that, “the sermon begins in the parking lot.” This summarises his holistic approach to church; it has to be a place you want to be – all the way from parking the car to saying ‘amen’ at the end of the benediction. He offers practical advice hard earned from his experience on everything from time management, through stewarding, preparing the church environment, communication, first perceptions, and engaging people in teaching and worship.

Stories of real people and their experience of church – positive and negative - add reality to Andy’s views and advice. His approach is purposeful and practical and takes the viewpoint not of those already on the inside, but those on the outside looking in. Sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable as we see ourselves as others see us rather than as we’d like to think we’re seen. But it’s vital information and insight if we’re serious about growing ourselves spiritually, and growing disciples for Christ in the wider community.


The final section of ‘Deep and Wide’ is the real meat of the book. This is the stuff you should only read if you and your church are serious about growing in both directions. Andy gives a series of templates and guidelines that will, if followed prayerfully and determinedly, take your church in a new spiritual direction. If you’ve read the book through, by the fifth and final section you’ll be ready to share and spread the vision. This section assures you it won’t be easy and prepares you for some of the problems and challenges along the way.

The book ends with encouragement and reassurance. It offers advice on monitoring your progress and a steer to keep you and your church on track and moving in the right direction. Big isn’t necessarily healthy. As the author reminds you, healthy is always better. Change requires management or it will get out of control; it will drive you instead of you driving it where God wants it go. No model is perfect, but without a model perfection is simply a vague idea that no one sees clearly. ‘Deep and Wide’ clarifies the vision – where it came from, where it’s meant to go, how to get there and how to keep it there.


If the church is the body of Christ as we claim, then the body is going to be the un-churched’s first sight of Christ. ‘Deep and Wide’ helps you ensure that their first encounter with church is inviting, welcoming, engaging, relevant and more likely to become a repeated experience rather than a ‘once bitten twice shy’ kind of event. - Les Ellison

Eden Article: Creating Healthy Cultures That Show Christ To The World

So just what is Andy Stanley trying to address with his ‘Deep and Wide’ and how does he fulfil the promise of the book’s strap line, “creating churches unchurched people love to attend”?

Maybe the place to start is with what other well known and well respected pastors see as the question the North Point, Atlanta, pastor is setting out to answer. Here’s Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church on the subject of church, the unchurched and Andy Stanley’s book: “It is completely false that churches must sacrifice quality to get quantity, must artificially choose between evangelism or discipleship, or cannot have depth and growth at the same time.  Few prove this fact better than the ministry of Andy Stanley who has grown North Point Church on purpose and with passion. No Christian leader can afford to miss this book.”

Everything Andy Stanley says is backed up with experience – sometimes painful, always personal. ‘Deep and Wide’ isn’t meant as a confessional, nor is it a sugary tale of God turning hardship to success, but it is a lesson in faithfulness and vision. In the opening sections, Andy Stanley describes how one of America’s largest churches – North Point Community Church, Atlanta began with a very public divorce and a damaging church schism.

In the aftermath, and facing the destruction of all their work, Andy and his wife made an in-depth study of their strategy for creating churches that unchurched people would find irresistible. As Andy writes “Our goal is to create weekend experiences so compelling and helpful that even the most sceptical individuals in our community would walk away with every intention of returning the following week… with a friend!”

Throughout the book, Andy Stanley’s purpose is clear: “I want people to fall in love with the Author of Scripture. And while we can’t make anyone fall in love, we can certainly arrange a date.” The problem of mixing the unchurched into church dictates his strategy for preaching. His ‘Deep and Wide’ programme addresses itself to the “dual audiences” of mature believers and cynical unbelievers. He makes no attempt to disguise the problem – or is it the opportunity, to reach both audiences without dumbing down or preaching up. With North Point’s foundational model: ‘The Five Faith Catalysts’, Andy Stanley lays out his three essential ingredients for creating environments irresistible to the unchurched.

Aware of the potential for friction and dissatisfaction with the ‘churched’ of the church, Andy prepares pastors for the challenge of transition. If there’s one thing to take away from what Andy says, it might be the observation of Zondervan’s Andrew Rogers, “Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created.” This means no leader can simply sit back and wait for their church to become unchurched friendly – it will take vision, leadership, compassion and the kind of catalysts explained in this book. And if we – the churched, are serious about being the body of Christ in the world, aren’t we committed to giving the unchurched the best first-encounter with him that we can? - Les Ellison

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