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Why is this bible £1.25 when it has 99p on th

Mar 10th, 2014 - Posted by Fiona Grant about NIV New Testament Subscribe Answered Product 432 775 views


Why is this bible £1.25 when it has 99p on the cover?

Posted by Fiona Grant  
1 Answer
Fiona Grant
Fiona Grant432
February 21st, 2018 at 3:38PM • Respond

Hi Fiona

I have checked this for you found that this is a title which we have priced to reflect our costs. The offer price is affected by a number of factors including the price we pay for the title, transport and packaging.

We do try to maintain the lowest possible prices whilst offering a high level of quality in terms of breadth of titles and occasionally we find we have to price above the RRP.

Thank you for your question,