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Nov 18th, 2014 - Posted by Brian Jackson about God's Not Dead DVD Subscribe Answered Product 1 725 views


Hi, can I show this dvd in church, or do I need permission.

Posted by Brian Jackson  
1 Answer
Les Ellison
Les Ellison4327
February 21st, 2018 at 3:39PM • Respond

Hi, Brian.

Thanks for your question about the God's Not Dead DVD. Licensing and permissions for public screenings of DVDs even in a free-to-view church setting is a specialist area and usually requires some kind of formal authorisation. For general enquiries about church movie screenings, distribution of copied material and music broadcasting you should contact CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). You can find them on the web. In this instance, The God's not Dead website may also be able to help; though their licensing may relate specifically to US rights and conditions. So It's a good idea to check first with CCLI to find if there's any kind of church-wide UK license already in place for you.

Yours, Les