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Question about Truth: A Catholic Confirmation Course for Teenagers

Jun 17th, 2012 - Posted by Eden Customer about Truth: A Catholic Confirmation Course for Teenagers Leader's Guide Answered Product 343 views


Please could you tell me what the course covers,and in how many sessions.Also is it suitable for younger teens(13-15)or older(16+)Thank-you

Posted by Eden Customer  
1 Answer
Jo Pountney
Jo Pountney228
February 21st, 2018 at 3:37PM • Respond

This is a bright and lively confirmation course for teenagers. Covering real life issues with discussion topics, prayers, scripture readings and tips for leaders. The materials are flexible to enable any parish to run a successful course that will prepare their young people for the sacrament of Confirmation. The Candidate’s journal is fun and accessible and has been designed so that each of the candidates’ can personalise it, scribble on it or jot down notes – it’s not a school book and the intention is that they create a memento of their spiritual journey.
The Catechist guide gives all the information that is needed to run a course which is made up of nine sessions, eight of which are preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation and the final session is a post-confirmation session that will allow the teenager to reflect on their confirmation and what it means for the rest of their lives.
It's probably best suited to ages 8 - 14 years.