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Nov 22nd, 2017 - Posted by Love books about Stop Existing, Start Living Subscribe Answered Product 1 115 views


Hello I was just wondering if this is a Christian-based hypnotherapy book - as it's on the Eden website I assume it has some faith-based link but I haven't been able to see what it is from the description? I am very interested in hypnotherapy as it can have hugely positive benefits in the medical and mental health fields but have read some articles claiming that it is not Christian as it can open ones mind up to suggestion from the hypnotherapist. I believe that hypnotherapy can be very beneficial when used by the right person so was wondering what others think as I am considering buying it myself. Warm wishes Nic

Posted by Love books  
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A Reader
A Reader
November 24th, 2017 at 10:06AM • Respond

Hi Nic.

So, this one took a little digging.

My initial response is that this must be Chirstian is some aspect as it comes from a Christian publisher (Darton, Longman & Todd). But, looking into it, it seems they also publish books on mental health, clinical therapy, and other such topics. In their own 'About Us' section, the publisher writes "Our books are written by, and for, people of all faiths and none."

And then I looked into the author herself. There is nothing to indicate either way. She doesn't seemed to have posted anything indicating faith, but proving a negative is fraught and reckless at the best of times. Whilst her books may not fit the remit of books on faith and spirituality, they do fit into 'self-help and wellbeing'.

Finally, regarding hypnotherapy (which is where we are coming closer to personal opinion and observation). Certainly there are areas of the field that are dubious due to exploitative practices of individuals who, generations ago, may have been found selling Snake Oil. Yet, I cannot rule it out on the ground of legitimacy or it being 'Un-Christian'. When performed with medical rigour, and not as an easy-way-out, it may perhaps be of use.

But, that is the extent of what I can provide off-hand. My apologies for the length of the response. I hope it was of some use.

Thank you for using the Q&A Forum.