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Paper thickness/quality

Jul 26th, 2016 - Posted by Diane L about NLT Inspire Bible in Bible Answered Product 5 692 views


Hi, I was just wondering how thick the paper is for this bible, and as a result what pens/pencils/crayons are suitable for use with it? In my current bible, I know that the paper is only thick enough for me to use a pencil highlighter as all other pens go through to the other side. What sort of paper is it and what colouring "utensils" are recommended? Thanks, Diane.

Posted by Diane L in Bible  
1 Answer
A Reader
A Reader
July 26th, 2016 at 4:45PM • Respond

Hi Diane.
Here's is what the people who made the Bible recommend on their FAQ:

"Q: What kinds of supplies do we recommend for Inspire Bible?
A: You decide! There are so many supplies you can use for coloring and creative Bible journaling!! It really comes down to preferance, and whether or not you are okay with ghosting from pens or markers, or wrinkled pages from water-based products such as watercolors.
Products that will not bleed through the page and are the safest to use:
+Colored pencils
+Bible highlighters
+Washi tape, stickers, tip-ins, tabs, and other embellishments
Products that will bleed through the Bible paper:
+Alcohol-based pens and markers (always choose ink-based pens and markers for Bible pages; India ink is the best)
+Felt tip pens
+Distress ink (this ink can bleed through, so test it on a page in the back of your Bible first)
+Stamp pad ink (many will bleed through the Bible page, so be careful how hard you press your stamp onto the page)
Products that will leave ghosting on the back side of the page:
+Ink-based pens and markers (India ink is the best)
+Gel pens
+Micron pens
+Ball point pens (they may also imprint the page while coloring; we recommend putting a hard surface behind the page to help minimize this)
Products that will wrinkle the page:
+Watercolor crayons
+Acrylics (wrinkling of the page varies depending on how thick you lay the paint on the page)
Products that some people prep the page with clear gesso before using (but others do not!)...this is a personal preference for some, and is used for anything that could bleed through the page, such as:
+Pens and markers

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