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Must I read the Shack to read Cross Roads?

Jan 27th, 2015 - Posted by Les Ellison about Cross Roads Subscribe Answered Product 4327 445 views


Is this book by the same author as The Shack; the author’s name is similar but not quite the same? Must I have read The Shack to understand Cross Roads and is it a sequel?

Posted by Les Ellison  
1 Answer
January 27th, 2015 at 11:41AM • Respond

The Shack and Cross Roads are by the same author. The author wrote the first edition of The Shack under the name William P Young - William Paul Young. Later editions appear under a revision of his publishing name, Wm Paul Young, which the name he uses here on Cross Roads. This second novel from the author is not a direct sequel; it is a stand alone novel that you can read and enjoy with no knowledge of his previous book. As you'd expect, the themes of the two novels are similar. Both revolve around a main character experiencing a critical life event, both feature the persons of The Holy Trinity through unconventional characterisations and both reveal God's grace and mercy resulting in the redemption of the central character.