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Feb 17th, 2018 - Posted by Helen about 100 Songs & Hymns From Stuart Townend & Keith Getty - Songbook in Music Answered Product 1 164 views


Dear Eden, This book is a fab idea but there is not a full list of songs displayed. Please can you tell me if it this book has "by faith" by the "Getty's" ? If not how do I get that? It seems so cumbersome to constantly be looking and paying for sheet music to use at church after already purchasing and listening to Christian music CD's and simply enjoying it and so wanting to share with others musically? Please let me know if there is an easier and more efficient way? We are a relatively small church which tries to keep up and introduce new music without having a dedicated person or system . Also, what about music for the saxophone - is it still a case of individual transposition or additional purchase? I look forward to reply with hopeful love and thanks..

Posted by Helen in Music  
1 Answer
A Reader
A Reader
March 20th, 2018 at 10:00AM • Respond

Hi Helen.
Yes, this does contain by faith.
This book uses standard music notation, not specific to saxophones or any other instruments.
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