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Large margins

Dec 29th, 2014 - Posted by Mick Brookes about KJV Study Bible Large Print Burgundy Bonded Leather in Bible Study Answered Product 1 402 views


Does this product include large margins for personal notes? If not, are you to advise me of such a product Kind regards, Mick

Posted by Mick Brookes in Bible Study  
1 Answer
December 30th, 2014 at 10:09AM • Respond

Hi, Mick.

Thanks for your interest in this edition of the KJV Study Bible. This is a large print edition study Bible which means the most is made of every page with easy to read 12 point text and useful, informative study content. This leaves no room for the extra wide margins of a not-taker type Bible.

Wider margins are a feature of three ranges of KJV Bibles.

The first is the KJV Key Word Study Bible collection - which includes Greek and Hebrew key word cross-referencing. These Bibles are superbly useful for getting the right understanding of what the original Bible writers really meant to say - and there's space to note your own thoughts on that too.

The second is the KJV Concord range of Wide Margin Reference Bibles from Cambridge University Press. These are premium quality Bibles but tend to be rather pricey.

However, the hardback edition from Hendrickson's KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible selection is probably the best compromise on price, size and longevity. You can find it by typing the Eden product code: 4068271 into 'What are you looking for today?' at the top of any Eden page. And if you're a regular Eden shopper, be sure to make the most of your Eden loyalty vouchers.

Yours, Les