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Jo Saxton talk ends with her up a step ladder

Oct 16th, 2018 - Posted by Margaret N about A new day to follow him (4 of 6) a talk by Jo Saxton in Christian DVDs & Movies, Christian Living, Odd/Funny Answered Product 1 28 views


I should like to buy a dvd of an evening talk I heard at New Wine on Wed 1 August 2018 by Jo Saxton. The message was - don't change your church if it's not doing things for you - we should be asking what we can do for our church - we won't necessarily like everybody because we are all different - but all are needed. The talk ended with her up a step ladder on the stage and some men from the audience supporting her as she swayed. Excellent talk but I can't identify it on the Eden website, unless this is the one, but the brief description doesn't ring any bells. Any help gratefully received.

Posted by Margaret N in Christian DVDs & Movies, Christian Living, Odd/Funny  
1 Answer
October 23rd, 2018 at 11:21AM • Respond

Hi Margaret

I am sorry I have been unable to find the exact talk you are looking for.
Please accept my apologies.

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