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Is this holly bible KJV for all Christian's

Dec 14th, 2016 - Posted by Elizabeth Robinson about KJV Giant Print Bible in Bible Subscribe Answered Product 1 602 views


Is the KJV bible for Roman Catholics as I want it for a friend and my friend is Baptist.i don't understand why it say King James Version of the holly bible.i would rather purchase that was written from the lords words and not a version of the holly bible that king James v has written.as a child all I know is the lords holly bible don't want another version from any other person.please reply

Posted by Elizabeth Robinson in Bible  
1 Answer
A Reader
A Reader
December 14th, 2016 at 10:26AM • Respond

Hi Elizabeth.
The King James Version of the Bible is the version most used by Roman Catholics. But, the biggest difference between the Bibles used by Roman Catholics and Baptists is that a lot of the Bibles used Roman Catholics have several extra books which are called 'The Apocrypha'.

Baptists don't think of these extra books as being part of the Bible, and so won't want one with them in it.

This Bible is fine for both though, as the King James Version is the first English Bible, and so is a famous for all Christians across the world.

Hope that helps!

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