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I'm not very tech-savvy.Please help.

Nov 2nd, 2014 - Posted by Stuart Leishman about NIV Audio Bible on MP3 CD Subscribe Answered Product 1 897 views


I have a CD player on my stereo & a DVD ROM on my computer but i'm not sure if this will work on either. What is an MP3 CD product? Do i need a certain piece of equipment for this to work? Being dyslexic this product would be perfect for me as reading the bible is a slow & difficult affair. Thanks for any advice. Stuart.

Posted by Stuart Leishman  
1 Answer
November 3rd, 2014 at 2:43PM • Respond

Hi, Stuart.

Thanks for your question - don't worry, this gets asked many times. Audio CDs will play on your CD player and in your computer's CD/DVD drive. However, this product is not on Audio CDs but on MP3. MP3 is a special kind of CD recording which allows much more information (sound, words, music) to be put on a CD disk. For instance a complete Bible in Audio CD might take up to 15 CDs. Recording it in the MP3 format takes as few as 6 CD. MP3 CDs will play on your computer's CD/DVD drive, but won't play on most older stereos and CD players. Many newer ones can handle MP3 CDs but you'd need to check your player's manual or with your supplier/seller. The main purpose of MP3 CDs is to transfer the disc's contents via a computer to a personal stereo like an ipod, other mobile device such as a smart phone or ipad type of thing or your computer, laptop or tablet. If you order this NIV Audio Bible on MP3 CD be sure to read the specifications on the case thoroughly before opening. This is because - while this an excellent reading of the entire NIV Bible by David Suchet - once opened it can't be exchanged or returned as unwanted.

Yours, Les