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How big is the font.

Jul 26th, 2016 - Posted by amanda jayne coyle about NLT Inspire Bible in Bible Answered Product 8 658 views


How big is the 8.65 font please?

Posted by amanda jayne coyle in Bible  
1 Answer
A Reader
A Reader
July 26th, 2016 at 9:06AM • Respond

Hi Amanda.
Thank you for your question, and I apologise for the upcoming wordy answer.

In metric measurements, the characters of text set in 8.65 Point will be about 3.048 mm tall (this is, roughly, based on the stranded Point type to Inch base used by most publications in which Point 72 is 1 Inch).

For reference, most paperback books tend to be set in Point 12, the average Bible font size is Point 8, and the average Hardback (depending on size) is Point 12.

So it is roughly the same size as most other Bibles, but smaller than your average novel.

Sorry for the wordy answer. but I hope that helped clear things us a bit, and not make it more confusing.

Thank you for using the Q&A Forum.