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Guidelines for Godparents

Jun 30th, 2015 - Posted by James Woolford about For a Godparent : Pack of 20 Subscribe Answered Product 2 576 views


You pack states that is outlines the duties of Godparents. What do they specifically state as the duties of Godparents?

Posted by James Woolford  
1 Answer
Laura White
Laura White
June 30th, 2015 at 5:43PM • Respond

Dear James,

Thank you or your question.

The duties of the godparents read as follows:

"Godparents should be witnesses to our Lord Jesus Christ. All the Christians gathered round the font together represent the Church of Christ into whose fellowship the children are received for salvation. But the Godparents also represent the children, promising on their behalf to renounce what is evil, to believe what is true and to do what is right, according to Christ's teaching and example.

Godparents must pray for their Godchildren continually. When the children are handed back after the baptism, they are entrusted to the Godparent's care as well as to that of their father and mother. And immediately afterwards everyone prays that they may lead the rest of their lives according to this holy beginning. So, even if they live far away, Godparents should often think of their Godchildren and pray that God's grace may be with them and lead through good and ill.

Being a Godparent is like being a second father or mother to the child. With this father, and the mother, the Godparent will see to the child's Christian upbringing and, if anything were to happen to the parents, should be prepared to assume full responsibility for their Christian education. So a Godparent must love their Godchild like a child of their own. That means far more than giving the child presents. It means being their true friend in this life, whilst pointing always to the life that only God can give. It means being a witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. "

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