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Can I load this bilbe on to an ipod?

Nov 27th, 2014 - Posted by Nicholas Kirby about NIV Audio Bible on MP3 CD in Bible Subscribe Answered Product 1 760 views


Can I load this bilbe on to an ipod? If not is there one that I can?

Posted by Nicholas Kirby in Bible  
1 Answer
Les Ellison
Les Ellison4327
November 28th, 2014 at 8:42AM • Respond

Hi, Nicholas,

Thanks for your interest in the NIV Audio Bible. The tracks on the 6 CDs are recorded in MP3 files which will transfer to an ipod and take up a lot less memory space than audio CDs. You'll have to check with your ipod's equipment manual or supplier as to how much of this Bible you can get on your ipod at any one time as this will depend on the memory/storage capacity on you i pod.

Yours, Les