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Are the pages made of fine Bible paper?

Jun 2nd, 2014 - Posted by Rebecca Urquhart about NLT Personal Size Bible Large Print - Pink Imitation Leather Answered Product 1 401 views


I was just wondering what paper the pages were. Whether they are fine bible paper or another.

Posted by Rebecca Urquhart  
1 Answer
June 2nd, 2014 at 3:03PM • Respond

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for your question about the NLT Personal size large print in pink. The paper is 'fine' in that it is very thin yet strong enough to withstand normal use and opaque enough to limit the 'read through' of text printed on the other side of the page. All Bibles are a compromise between quality and affordability. The best paper in which these qualities are maximised are also the most expensive. Cambridge Bibles, for instance, are printed on the highest quality lightweight paper chosen for its strength, opacity and optimum readability for the minimum bulk. They probably stand up best to marker pens too - though I would recommend the pencil type above the slovent/felt tip variety on any Bible. However, these are premium items and probably too costly for normal use - they only do a limited range of NLT covers anyway. To all intents and purpose, the edition you're considering is very likely sufficient to give many years of enjoyable and fruitful service. However, if you want a page quality that beats even the finest papers into a cocked hat (or paper hat) you should consider this waterproof NLT Bible which uses a thin, durable, waterproof and almost indestructible (in normal use) synthetic page substitute - and it's pink! You can find it here:

Yours, Les Ellison