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Sep 10th, 2014 - Posted by Paul Dorrington about Messy Readings: The Jesus Story in Advent & Christmas, Christmas Subscribe Answered Product 1 470 views


Please can you confirm what age group this is aimed at ??

Posted by Paul Dorrington in Advent & Christmas, Christmas  
1 Answer
Les Ellison
Les Ellison4327
September 11th, 2014 at 10:29AM • Respond

Hi, Paul.

Thanks for your question about the Messy Readings: The Jesus Story. Lucy Moore's Messy Church materials are generally intended as an all age resource. This is a give-away devotional for you to maintain contact with families attracted to your Messy Church activities. The intention is that parents and grown-ups will read the 25 stories, one a day, fro themselves and to their children and family members. This means that the age range for hearing the stories is as young as the youngest child who can enjoy a story. The Christmas story begins like this: 'In a quiet country corner of this troubled and violent world a young Jewish girl, like the rest of her people, thinks life will be pretty much the same tomorrow as it was yesterday. But God is on the move...' As far as reading the text of the stories is concerned, the words and sentences are probably written for a reading age of about 12 or more; so are very suitable as give-aways for older junior school and secondary school age children as well as adults.

Yours, Les.