Commentary On John

John: People's Bible Commentary

John: People's Bible Commentary
2008 Lambeth Conference Edition

by Richard A. Burridge

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‘A book in which a child may paddle but an elephant can swim deep.’
John’s gospel is a story - the story of Jesus’ deeds and words, his signs and teaching, and how these led to his arrest, death and resurrection.
By following the flow of John’s narrative, and showing how it is patterned and devised, this commentary unpacks the text to help the reader grow in understanding and faith.
This special edition includes a reading plan for the Lambeth Conference in 2008 and a foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John

by William Barclay

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Markedly different from "Matthew", "Mark" and "Luke", "John" lacks the pithy phrases that the other three gospels possess. In "John", much of Jesus' teachings come in the form of extended paragraphs, even entire chapters.


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