Chuck Missler

Chuck Missler is an evangelical Christian, author and bible teacher, who is also a former businessman. He is most famously the founder of the Koinonia House ministry. Chuck is a fantastic bible study teacher, who in 1999 received a PHD in biblical studies. Chuck was raised in Southern California where he met his wife Nancy, who he founded the Koinonia House Ministry with.

As Chuck grow up he had a great technical interest and became a radio operator at the age of nine and as a teenager his technical interest grew as he became a pilot. Chuck also built a digital computer during this time at his family home. Chuck grew his interest in electrical engineering at the United States Naval Academy where he then joined the military Air Force. Chuck later moved to the private sector of engineering to become a senior analyst and completed projects for the intelligence community and Department of Defence. Chucks technical, engineering career grew and grew till eventually he became the Chairman and a major shareholder of a small publically owned development company the Phoenix Group, who provided personal computers to schools. Due to different issues and circumstances the company failed, which led to Chuck turning to God for support and guidance. As a young child as well as a technical interest church also had an interest in the bible. He began to study the bible, which led him to complete his PHD in Biblical studies. Before Chuck and Nancy established Koinonia House, Chuck led weekly bible study classes in Southern California, which was a great success and had a lot of interest.

Chuck is also an author of many best-selling books, that have been inspired by different life experiences. His first book “Why Should I be the First to Change” Was inspired by the separation from his wife Nancy, which nearly led to divorce, but with faith they managed to keep their marriage together.