Christmas Sketches

Christmas Sketches are a fun way to express yourself and can be appreciated by the whole of the family during Christmas time. They are creative and are enjoyed by many in the Christian community.  One of the main areas that Christmas Sketches are used is in the Church community for the Christmas congregation, in the run up to Christmas. They provide a fresh and amusing outlook on the story of Nativity and others. As many people will be able to connect to the people in the sketches and apply them to their own life, creating a Christmas that is different to other years.

Congregations all over the UK have explored and enjoyed new and fun sketches that have brought laughter and thought to their Christmas time. Christmas Sketches are a channel to discover new views of stories and to help you relate to them, which in turn gives you an opportunity to express your Christianity in various ways. They connect people and bring people together through laugher and common behaviours.

With being easy to learn and having a strong Christmas message included, Christmas Sketches are fantastic ways to experience Christmas in new and exciting ways. They are challenging and provoke thought, so when long after the sketch has been concluded, you are still thinking about the situation and message. Explore Christmas stories in new ways this year and become involved in your own Christmas Sketch.