Christmas Carols

Christmas carols, also known as Noel are songs or hymn with Christmas themed lyrics and music. Christmas carols are popular in churches and schools and a great way to celebrate Christmas. Many people like to get together is groups and sing Christmas carols on the streets in towns and cities to spread the Christmas cheer and to raise money for certain charities. There is also a great range of Christmas carol CDs that are great to listen to with families and friends.

Christmas Carols originate from Europe and were originally pagan songs sung in the winter. The arrival of Christian songs took over the Pagan songs and were sung at Christmas time to celebrate the life and birth of Jesus

The word carol comes from the ancient Greek ‘choros’ and actually means dance or a song of praise and joy. However this is not true now days as the meaning has grew and changed just to be songs that are sung around Christmas time. St Francis of Assisi introduced Christmas carols to the church, which led them to just be sung at Christmas.

Christmas carols at one point in history were banned in England churches by Oliver Cromwell, who thought that Christmas should not

be celebrated in the Christian faith it should.

Carol Songs are now an importance of Christmas, see the top ten Christmas Carols