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Writ Large


by Julian Harkett

    • Author

      Julian Harkett

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      R. R. Bowker

    • Published

      August 2020

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      Writ Large

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      Product Description

      This book is about God and politics and the effect that extreme narcissism has on society, to include how it relates to political tyranny or human abuse by any name. In other words, autocracy (dictatorship) could come about through denial and ignorance. Watch out for politicians who cozy up to, and express admiration for, strong-man, dictator types! (Para) Many people are self-righteously opinionated haters of anyone basically unlike them or who disagrees with them politically or supposedly on religion. Some politicians often use them as brazen or unwitting tools or fools. Some even defy God in their narcissism, and claim belief in God, while refusing to abide in God's Moral Essence and live a moral life. (Para) There was a real chance, and still is, that immoral, deceitful gangster types could be elected by distrustful, misguided, or even brain-washed people. Many such voters actually had (and have) possibly legitimate worries about BIG* government, without realizing such mistrust is the propagandized mantra of BIG business, which wants to be unregulated in its anti-social, immoral "Greed." *{If there were no BIG Federal government, such worries inevitably would carry over to the political agendas of State governments} (Para) Due to misinformation, many voters were, and are, bound to change things at the risk of electing extremely flawed human beings. All citizens must live with the consequences of having politicians full of personal greed or animosity, or belabored self-consciousness and paranoid feelings of inferiority, enhanced by megalomania - all dependent fully on feelings that come from without the moral minds of individual voters. The ultimate, final outcome of such self-centered politicians, and those elect them, depends on what God has in store for this world, which very much depends on us as a society and as individuals. (Para) Having said all that, this book contains a spiritual, science-fictional UFO story genuflecting on the moral purpose the author believes our Creator intends for humankind. (Para) The "scribe" author of this work understands that "who" anyone "is" is defined by God, and only has meaning as it regards that person's relationship with God. That non-vanity concept is the very underpinning of the book. In fact, this author says he is not here, or anywhere, to promote himself, but rather to call attention to his belief in, or attitude about, God, spirituality and morality. To quote him, "I am not here to judge you. I am here to judge me, so that I might be better prepared for God's judgment someday."
      There is no escaping politicians, but God sees them from the higher view of moral character, just as SHE sees all of us. See what SHE* sees in this book. *(God is not a gender, but rather a twi-polar entity) If you have 'eyes' to see, you'll see.


      • Author

        Julian Harkett

      • Book Format


      • Publisher

        R. R. Bowker

      • Published

        August 2020

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        170 x 245 x 21 mm

      • ISBN


      • ISBN-10


      • Eden Code


      More Information

      • Author/Creator: Julian Harkett

      • ISBN: 9781735394961

      • Publisher: R. R. Bowker

      • Release Date: August 2020

      • Weight: 636g

      • Dimensions: 170 x 245 x 21 mm

      • Eden Code: 5522094

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