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Human Purpose & the Universal Pursuit of Ecstasy


by Dr C

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Cranmore Publications

    • Published

      July 2019

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      Human Purpose & the Universal Pursuit of Ecstasy

      Today's Price £12.13

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      Product Description

      The fundamental nature of reality is revealed: 'the universal pursuit of ecstasy', the striving for 'increasingly intense pleasantness' & 'the hierarchy of spatio-temporal embeddedness'.

      The purpose of the human species is uncloaked.

      The real relationship between the human species & the rest of life is unveiled. The human species is the zenith of the evolutionary progression of our Solar System; it is the saviour & servant of life on Earth which suffers immensely in order to enable a plethora of life-forms to continue to exist on the Earth.

      That the 'environmental crisis' of modernity, & human-induced global warming in particular, are events which are signs that our Solar System is positively thriving, is comprehended.

      The reason why cutting fossil fuel emissions is not a solution to the global warming problem is understood. The current obsession with this approach is a potentially dangerous 'red herring'.

      Over the last 20 years I have been attaining increasingly intense insights into the answers to the following questions:

      What is the nature of the universe?

      Why do humans act the way that they do?

      Does the human species have a purpose?

      Do individual humans have a purpose?

      Does our current stage of cultural unfoldment have cosmic significance?

      How do we relate to the non-human life-forms of the Earth?

      Are we fundamentally a positive or a negative influence on the Earth?

      Should the environmental crisis, and human-induced global warming in particular, be seen in a positive light?

      I have, to the best of my ability, put my insights into the answers to these questions into words, words that can be found in two books: this book ‘Human Purpose & the Universal Pursuit of Ecstasy’ (July 2019) and ‘Global Warming & Human Cosmic Purpose’ (February 2020). If you read one of these books I would advise you to also read the other, because each of them sheds both intellectual and emotional light onto the contents of its companion.

      The eight questions that I have outlined above are ordered in a particular way; they represent a journey of progressive insight. If one is to attain ultimate insights into the nature of human cosmic purpose and how this relates to human-induced global warming, one first needs to come to appreciate the nature of the universe. If one jumps straight into the final question, without treading the arduous path that encompasses coming to appreciate the answers to all of the previous seven questions, then one would be hopelessly lost. One’s ideas, one’s views, one’s opinions, would operate solely on the surface level of reality; they would, almost certainly, bare very little resemblance to the true nature of things.

      The deepest and most precious insights into our place in our Solar System cannot be attained in a heartbeat.

      If you are interested in treading this arduous path, then I am here to be your guide. For me it has been a twenty year journey, but with my assistance your journey into the depths of the universe and the nature of human cosmic purpose should be much shorter than mine.


      • Book Format


      • Publisher

        Cranmore Publications

      • Published

        July 2019

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        156 x 234 x 14 mm

      • ISBN


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      • Eden Code


      More Information

      • ISBN: 9781907962899

      • Publisher: Cranmore Publications

      • Release Date: July 2019

      • Weight: 364g

      • Dimensions: 156 x 234 x 14 mm

      • Eden Code: 5078017

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