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The Word's Out

Speaking the gospel today [Paperback]

by Paul Weston David Male

Helping outreach remain effective today, The Word's Out explores the ways evangelism can flourish in today's social and cultural climates.

  • For Church leaders and anyone engaged with outreach

  • This book offers equipment to help fight the decline in Churches today

  • A great resource for reinvigorating evangelism in today's culture

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  • Published

    January 2019

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The Word's Out

Today's Price £9.07

Product Description

(Recent) research done by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), as part of its 'Imagine' project, suggests that 'evangelism is seen by many as simply doing strange things' and comments that 'many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea of their life as a witness or reject the idea outright'.

This is proof, if we needed it, say David Male and Paul Weston, that the church has become embarrassed by evangelism. Should we be concerned? Without doubt! The church must find a way of reversing declining numbers and engaging with an increasing majority in the UK who have no interest in its activities.

While acknowledging that there is a lot of missional language being used in the church today, Male and Weston suggest that this may be masking a diminishing confidence in and hesitancy about evangelism.

The Word's Out explores how the church has grown in its disquiet with evangelism, showing how evangelistic models of the past are waning in value, the language used by the church to reach out becoming increasingly foreign and society becoming increasingly estranged from the Christian story as the tides of postmodernity and secularisation change 21st-century culture.

How can the church respond? Paul Weston examines the New Testament writers' view of evangelism. He shows how the early church possessed an instinctive sharing of the good news because they were people who believed they were firmly within the flow of God's activity in bearing witness to himself.

Evangelism was, for them, the natural overflow of an authentic Christian life - discipleship and evangelism being directly connected and evangelism being the natural, organic consequence of discipleship.

David Male explores how the local church can embrace this New Testament view. He challenges the church to throw off the prevailing misinterpretation of the Great Commission and realise that the main imperative of the commission is not 'to go' but 'to make disciples'. In essence, we make disciples as we go, as we live and share our faith in others.

The first goal of ministry, therefore, is not primarily to feed the flock but to make them hungrier for God and a vision of life with Christ, learning to see other people the way God sees them. Then we will equip disciples for the whole of life, not just church life, preparing them to relate effectively in the spirit of the gospel with their 'neighbours'. We will be nurturing disciples to behave as though they were walking physically beside Jesus today and following his lead in every situation. The process is then completed by disciples who are willing to share the journey with others and be open to the opportunities God provides in daily life, creating the potential for faith.

This is not a take-it-or-leave-it approach for leaders. Male warns clearly that failure to help congregations will not simply leave a status quo; rather, the surrounding culture will fill the discipling vacuum. Big brands, prevailing social thought and cultural trends will entice and educate people into their lifestyle. Don't expect people to reason this issue through, says Male. Brands in particular have learnt that discipleship 'is not primarily about "facts", "information" or "training", but about our hearts and desires. The issue is not what we know but what or whom we love.'

Male concludes by posing two questions that all in church need to ponder. First, do they truly believe that the living God is active in his creation? And second, could he possibly use them in that activity? The answers will not only shape an understanding of evangelism but also shape a person's life every day of the week.


  • Book Format


  • Publisher


  • Published

    January 2019

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    130 x 198 x 21 mm

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More Information

  • ISBN: 9780857468161

  • Publisher: BRF

  • Release Date: January 2019

  • Weight: 130g

  • Dimensions: 130 x 198 x 21 mm

  • Eden Code: 4727864

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