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Understanding the Spiritual Legal Realm


by Frequency Revelator

    • Book Format


    • Publisher

      Independently Published

    • Published

      November 2019

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      Understanding the Spiritual Legal Realm

      Today's Price £17.50

      Product Description

      Have you ever wondered why multitudes of people are entrapped in a morass of debilitating circumstances of poverty, lack, sickness, defeat and other webs of demonic entanglement? In this publications, Apostle Frequency Revelator unpacks the divine truths that many of God's people are agonized in this manner simply because of their lack of understanding of the spiritual laws governing the legal realm in which we operate. The truth is that the severity of a man's situation isn't the problem but rather, his ignorance of spiritual laws in his bane. In the natural realm, any man who doesn't understand the demands or requirements of the law or does not seek legal counsel with regard to a legal matter levied against him in the court of law can actually loose the case simply because he lacks legal knowledge. In some quarters of the society, others have gone to the extent of being detained in jail for the crimes they never committed simply because they lacked legal representation in the court of law. As it is in the natural, so it is in the spiritual realm. In this publications, Apostle Frequency Revelator unpacks the reality that dozens of believers suffer tragedies and face calamities in their lives simply because they are completely lost at sea as to how to take advantage of spiritual laws as constituted in the Word of God. In some instances, multitudes of folks have gone to the extremes of frustration and aborting their God-given destinies simply because they are still sailing their boats through shallow streams of spiritual understanding as far as spiritual legal matters are concerned. This is to tell you that spiritual laws are vital keys that unlock the doors into the supernatural and accentuate an avenue through which divine substances can be transacted to the natural realm.In retrospect to the spiritual legal realm, there are laws and principles that God has put in place by which He governs the universe and extricably controls every fabric of creation in his hand. These are categorically physical laws which govern the natural realm and spiritual laws which govern the realm of the spirit. In the natural realm, the term, "law" alludes to a body of legal principles that govern the moral conduct of humanity in a particular country. Natural laws govern the natural realm and the principles by which humanity interacts with other domains of life on the earthly realm. For example, there is a law of gravity which stipulates that if you throw an object up in the air, it will evidently crash back onto the earth; then there is a law of flotation which allows ships and boats to float on water, then there is a law of aerodynamics that enables an aeroplane to fly and the law of electricity which helps us generate heat and light energy. The reality is that when we operate in obedience to these physical laws within nature, we reap positive results but when we violate them, the repercussions are severe. In a similar vein in which there are laws of gravity which governs how to operate in the natural realm, there are also spiritual laws that govern the spirit realm or how to operate in the supernatural. As much as there are physical laws, there are also spiritual laws which are the highest class of laws in the universe governing and controlling the operation of humanity in the realm of the spirit. These are spiritual legal principles that one can tap into in order to manoeuvre your way through the corridors of the spirit world, to manifest the reality of God's power in the natural realm. However, failure to master the art of operating in congruence with these spiritual laws has far reaching spiritual consequences, one of which is setting oneself up for extreme disadvantage. Hence, it is imperative that you master the art of how to unlock the destinies of people's lives and nations from the legal dimension of the Spirit. The key is in understanding the judicial system of the spirit realm as it runs parallel to that of the natural .


      • Book Format


      • Publisher

        Independently Published

      • Published

        November 2019

      • Weight


      • Dimensions

        153 x 229 x 5 mm

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      • ISBN: 9781708897550

      • Publisher: Independently Published

      • Release Date: November 2019

      • Weight: 114g

      • Dimensions: 153 x 229 x 5 mm

      • Eden Code: 5142139

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