Children’s Christmas plays

Eden provides a huge range of Children’s Christmas plays that are available to buy and are great for schools and Churches.  Children’s Christmas play includes are the Nativity play and 5 Christmas plays that include five short dramas of Christmas celebration.  Eden also provides great Christmas plays for younger Children in nursery, for example Nursery Rhyme Nativities, which includes three Christmas plays for pre – school children. This book includes 3 diverse plays that will help teachers and Churches with pre-school aged children to perform the nativity using nursery rhyme songs as an easy way for the children to interact.

Children’s Christmas plays are a great way for children to celebrate and understand the meaning of Christmas. Children’s Christmas plays allow children to learn the meaning of Christmas in a fun interactive ways through words in the scrip’s and carols. Children’s Christmas plays can vary in time and many are short plays that act out Christmas carols.

Children’s Christmas plays are fun and exciting for children as they are doing something different in their Church and School and also get to dress as the character they are. It is also important for children to be aware of the meaning of Christmas, which makes plays the best way for children to understand.