Catholic Hymns

Before the beginning of hymns in church acceptable music was by monks singing Georgian Chant Latin hymns. In the 16th century due to the reformation, the Protestant Church was introduced and new kind of hymns was sung by people in churches in a language they could understand. Many years later in 1787 Philadelphia Silverman and John Aitken produced the first collection of Catholic Hymns

Since then Catholic Hymns have been a traditional importance in the Catholic Church during any Service. Hymns in the Catholic Church are distinguished as a particular art form that tells many stories and holds religious beliefs of Catholic faith.  We can also describe Catholic Hymns to be an expression of artistic feelings that has developed through religious feeling or experiences.

Catholic Hymns are a great way to express and share your feeling with others or listen to a choir sing. It’s a way of joining a congregation together to share their feelings.

Did you know that the word “Hymn” comes from the Greek “hymnos” and originally were songs written in honour of the Greek Gods, leading figures and heroes. 

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