The Beginner's Bible Series by Karyn Henly

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Since its creation more than 20 years ago, Karyn Henly's cheerfully illustrated and simply worded, The Beginner's Bible has developed into one of the most delightful and complete Bible resources for preschool children.

Now a comprehensive range of books and materials introducing preschool children to the wonderful stories of the Old and New Testament, The Beginner’s Bible series fulfils the original vision of recreating the stories of the Bible with a child-friendly writing style.

Since its launch in 1989 the best selling Bible story book of modern times has become known and loved for the fun and life that Karyn Henley’s words and Kelly Pulley’s pictures bring to early years Bible readers and to their parents.


Key role in early years Bible reading

The easy to read words of The Beginner's Bible and Kelly Pulley’s cheerful illustrations play a key role in introducing hundreds of thousands of children to the word of God through simple retellings of the timeless Bible classics.

This new and revised edition of Karyn Henley's original book includes 94 of the best loved Bible stories enjoyed by children the world over. With fresh new artwork and straightforward, bright and colourful illustrations, The Beginner's Bible is a tried and tested introduction to the Bible's wonderful stories and characters for children aged 2 to 5.


Easy to handle edition for toddlers

This condensed version of Karyb Henly’s original idea is a special edition just for toddlers. Adapted for easy use by tiny hands, this edition has an easy-carry handle encouraging 2-5s to carry it with them wherever they go.

Smaller in size, this edition fastens easily with a Velcro strip and features lively updated artwork and more than 25 Bible stories. Toddlers friendly stories include Noah and the ark, Jonah and the big fish and the best loved stories of Jesus and his friends.


Prayers for preschoolers and parents

Specially for preschool children The Beginner's Bible Book of Prayers gives you a collection of twenty easy to speak, easy to read prayers. With its characteristic and delightful artwork, the padded cover board book contains short scripture passages to help show your child God's love and how he would love them to live.

Praying these prayers together at bed time, meal times or at the start of the day will help bring you and your children closer together and closer to God as well as start children on their way to creating their own prayers and their own prayer time.


Stories even the early reading years

The Beginner's Bible: I Can Read! Series for early readers encourages children to open the Bible for themselves. Reading on their own or sharing the words with mum, dad or grandparents, children aged 4 -7 discover the excitement of following the words and realising that they can read!

The I Can Read! Series includes:

  • Adam and Eve: God creates the perfect world for men and women and they can stay in it as long as they do what God says. But they can’t help it and disobey God. 
  • Noah and the Ark: No sign of rain, but God tell Noah to build a floating zoo and save the animals and his family from a giant flood that will cover the whole world.
  • Joseph and his Brothers: Sold into slavery by his brothers, Joseph eventually becomes the king’s assistant. Now his brothers need his help. But will Joseph forgive them?
  • Baby Moses and the Princess: Moses’ mum puts him in a basket on the river because she can’t keep him. Sister Miriam stands by the river to see if anyone finds him.
  • Moses and the King: God tells Moses to save the Israelites from slavery. But when the leads them the edge of the Red Sea, the people the kings army is not far behind.
  • Queen Esther Helps God’s People: The timeless story of Esther, a young Jewish girl who becomes Queen, serves as an example of how God has a purpose for each of us.
  • David and the Giant: Young David is only small when he offers to fight the giant soldier named Goliath. If David wins his whole country will be saved.
  • Jonah and the Big Fish: When Jonah ran away from God, God sent a most unusual messenger to help Jonah think about what he’d done and ask God for forgiveness.
  • Daniel and the Lions: Thrown to the lions just for praying to God, Daniel needs instant help from God just to stay alive through one night in the lions den.
  • Baby Jesus is Born: Angels and shepherds rejoice! But a jealous king who does not want Jesus around means Jesus and his family have to make a quick escape.
  • Jesus and his Friends: Jesus loved his friends, and he had lots of them. His friend John the Baptist and the many people that he healed became his friends too.
  • Jesus Feeds the People: A crowd comes to hear Jesus but the people get hungry. His disciples tell Jesus to send them but Jesus finds a way to feed them all.
  • The Lost Son: Jesus tells the story about a boy who decides to leave his family. But when it all goes wrong he has to hope his dad will forgive him and take him back.
  • Jesus Saves the World: When Jesus dies everyone is sad and afraid. But he surprises everyone by coming back with an amazing message about God’s love for everyone.


Seasonal books for the big Bible stories

The great seasonal stories of Easter and Christmas offer the ideal opportunity to introduce children to the Bible. Economically priced, story books for the 4s to 7s make excellent give-aways or prizes that let children take the Bible home with them.

For Easter, The Very First Easter introduces young children to the story of Jesus' death and resurrection with bright pictures and child-friendly words. And for Christmas, The Very First Christmas tells children why we celebrate this time of year and what the birth of this special baby means for children today.


Full text Bibles for growing children

As your children grow and their reading skill develop, you can introduce them to their first full text ‘grown-up’ Bible with the familiar images of The Beginner’s Bible. Full text Bibles with large easy-read print help children move from storybook Bibles to attractive fully illustrated Bibles they will love just as much.

The Beginner’s Bible series includes a King James (KJV) edition and New International Version (NIV) specially created for younger readers and called the New International Reader’s Version (NrIV). Both make the transition from story book to grown-up Bible an easy and enjoyable move and make ideal gifts to mark important birthdays in young lives.


Karyn Henley: Author snapshot

Graduate of Abilene Christian University, Karyn was named one of the top 10 people who have changed the face of children's ministry. An accomplished songwriter, Dove Award nominee, and regional Emmy winner Karyn Henley is best known for The Beginner’s Bible. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Kelly Pulley: Illustrator snapshot

Beginning his career as a graphic artist at a large sportswear company he became as illustrator of children's books for a Christian publisher. A
Member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators he lives in Middle Tennessee, USA.

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April 16th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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