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Best known to Christian fiction audiences as a writer of romance and mystery-suspense, Terri Blackstock is read by more than six million world wide thanks to the more than 60 books that make up the 7 series and other stand-alone novels of her 25 year writing career.

As a writer of romantic thrillers, Terri's lifetime creative output more or less evenly split between current Christian titles and earlier releases in the secular publishing world.

A personal crisis followed by aspiritual awakening in 1994 caused her to switch gears and weave hope rather than despair into her page-turning plots and stories.


“My imagination became my closest friend.”


Early life and the need to write

Daughter of an Air Force family, Terri made a home in nine US states and spent her formative schooling years in The Netherlands. Always on the move, she credits her terrific imaginative powers to loneliness and the need to find close companionship within herself. “My imagination became my closest friend,” she believes, which was probably “...the biggest factor in my becoming a novelist”

Focused on a career in writing since the age of 11, she worked as a clown solely to earn the money for a typewriter: “It was humiliating, but I really wanted that typewriter!” she says. Many rejection slips followed, and it was while studying English and the classics that she honed her writing skills.


First novel and continued success

Publishing her first novel at twenty-five, she wrote romance novels under two pseudonyms although, she says, she was reading more suspense than romance. Since her self acknowledged spiritual awakening she writes with the purpose of challenging her readers to think as individuals and grow in the knowledge that they are, “…not alone, and that their trials have a purpose.”

Since that first success, her awards and accolades leave little room on the mantelpiece of anything else. Her achievements include the New York Times Bestseller Award, Retailer’s Choice Award, Romantic Times Book Reviewers, 2011 Career Achievement Award, 2011 Family Fiction Readers Award and the 2011 Carol (American Christian Fiction Writers Award) for ‘Predator’.


Series, stand alone novels and non-fiction

With so many of her Christian romantic fiction novels collected into series, readers get the chance to follow the long term development of characters and plots. It also means they can pick up a new Blackstock mystery and get straight into the thick of it.

Described as ‘Up all night thrillers’, many of her books deal with problems and circumstances that beset ordinary families in real life. Her latest ‘Intervention’ series is influenced by the world of drug addiction and rehabilitation. Based in the experience of personal family tragedy involving her daughter, the book also deals with the role of faith in recovery and restoration.

Using her insight and experience, Terri also writes inspirational and devotional non-fiction. Her book ‘Soul Restoration: Hope For The Weary’ is a 30 day devotional with meditations and confessions for the life-battered and soul-weary providing a focus to sharpen your perspective as you start your day.


Downfall: latest book and series finale

Downfall’ is her latest book and concludes the three book ‘Intervention’ series of suspense/thrillers. Following on from Christy Nominated 'Viscious Cycle', the series concludes the journey of heroine Emily Covington in a story based on Terri's own experiences supporting her daughter's fight back against drug dependency. '

With the discovery of a homemade bomb beneath heroine Emily Covington’s car and a simultaneous murder of a friend, the final instalment of the three book series plunges readers into a world of conspiracy that threatens Emily's fragile recovery from addiction.


“Commit your work to the Lord."


Advice to new and aspiring writers

Advising new and aspiring writers, Terri’s number one tip is “Don’t get it right, get it written.” She urges writing the first draft without judgment and then to rewrite extensively on the subsequent drafts. “Just having the book on paper–even if it’s terrible–makes the rest of the job seem easier.” She says.

On being a Christian and a writer she knows where her priorities lie. “Put God first, and your family second.” She says, “Your writing should come somewhere after that.” And quoting the Bible, Terri’s last word on writing is simply “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3)


Series and stand-alone books

The Intervention Series
•    Intervention - Book 1 a last hope - and the start of a new nightmare.
•    Vicious Cycle - Book 2 an abandoned baby in the backseat of a car.
•    Downfall – Book 3 a home-made bomb and a friend’s murdered.

The Cape Refuge Series
•    Cape Refuge – Book 1 Two bodies, one spear gun, and a murder suspect.
•    Southern Storm – Book 2 First a dead stranger. Now a missing police chief.
•    River’s Edge – Book 3 The man Lisa Jackson loved may have betrayed her.
•    Breaker’s Reef – Book 4 A  teenager is dead, then another body is found.

The Restoration Series
•    Last Light – Book 1 Global catastrophe reveals the darkness in human hearts.
•    Night Light – Book 2 A family struggles to do right when so much is wrong.
•    True Light – Book 3 The struggle to survive can bring out the best and worst.
•    Dawn’s Light – Book 4 As the world re-emerges, what will God require?

The Newpointe 911 Series
•    Private Justice – Book 1 A serial killer is stalking the sleepy community.
•    Shadow of Doubt – Book A victim of poisoning and police have a suspect.
•    Word of Honor – Book 3 A five-year-old bomb witness still lies comatose.
•    Trial by Fire – From the bullet wound alone, this is no ordinary fire victim.
•    Line of Duty – Book 5 Were the bombs simply terrorism, or a greedy scheme?

The Seasons Series
•    Seasons Under Heaven/Showers in Season – 2-in-1 Compilation
•    Times and Seasons/Season of Blessing – 2-in-1 Compilation
•    Seasons Under Heaven – Book 1
•    Showers in Season – Book 2
•    Times and Seasons – Book 3
•    Season of Blessing – Book 4

Second Chances Series
•    Never Again Good-bye – Book 1
•    When Dreams Cross – Book 2
•    Blind Trust – Book 3
•    Broken Wings – Book 4

The Sun Coast Chronicles
•    Evidence of Mercy – Book 1
•    Justifiable Means – Book 2
•    Ulterior Motives – Book 3
•    Presumption of Guilt – Book 4

•    Sweet Delights
•    So Shine – Storyteller’s Collection, Vol 1
•    The Blue Convertible – Storyteller’s Collection, Vol 2

Standalone Novels
•    Shadow in Serenity
•    Predator
•    Double Minds
•    Miracles
•    Emerald Windows
•    Seaside
•    Covenant Child
•    The Listener (formerly The Heart Reader)
•    The Gifted

•    Soul Restoration – Hope for the Weary

•    The Gifted Sophomores
•    The Heart Reader of Franklin High


Terri Blackstock: the not-so-trivial-files

Working as a clown to fund her first typewriter, Terri stood in shopping centers giving away free promotional balloons.

Quick Guide to Terri Blackstock: romance/suspense author

  • In a nutshell: Writer of more than 30 Christian suspense and romantic thriller novels and novel series, non-fiction devotion and youth novels.
  • For readers of: Dee Henderson, Brandiliyn Collins, James Scott Bell, Alton Gansky, Sigmund Brower, Linda Hall, Angela Elwell Hunt, and Bill Myers.
  • Accolades: New York Times best-seller, 6 million copies worldwide. 2 Carol Awards, Christian Retailers Choice Award, Romantic Times Book Reviews Career Achievement Award 2011.
  • Biography: born 7 December 1957 in Bellville, Illinois, USA. Daughter of an Air Force family. Attended first school years in The Netherlands. Began writing at the age of 11 and sold her first novel at the age of twenty-five. Remarried 1992.
  • Life changing moments: Marriage to Ken in 1992 and his spiritual awakening rekindled her own lifelong seeking for Christ and a new role of pointing others toward him.
  • Vision: to entertain with page-turning plots, while challenging her readers to think and grow. She hopes to remind them that they’re not alone, and that their trials have a purpose.
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