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New Advent Studies

For a season of peace, Christmas sure doesn’t feel that way. In fact, it goes by in a haze of shopping, wrapping, organising and decorating. And before you can you even say “peace on Earth”, it’s boxing day and you’re dozing on the sofa.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How you spend your advent is how you spend your Christmas. So, if you are looking to approach Christmas in a thoughtful way, or want to learn more of what lies behind the curtain of Christmas, then an Advent study guide is for you. Each of these guides, whether daily or weekly, feature new ways of thinking about Christmas.

Advent for Everyone: Luke - by Tom Wright

Advent for Everyone: A Journey Through Luke - SPCK Advent Study

For three years now, Tom Wright’s enlightening Advent devotionals offer gentle but insightful journeys through Advent. Each of the daily readings follows the narrative of the Gospel of Luke, guiding you into the message Jesus proclaimed through his deeds, words, and miracles.

Advent for Everyone is accessible, and a great way of discovering the transformation that Jesus brings.

Great for small groups as well as personal reading.

Order Advent for Everyone today.

Love Came Down at Christmas

Love Came Down at Christmas - The Good Book Advent Study

There is a lot of love to go around at Christmas. In the songs, the family gatherings, gift choices and expressions of goodwill to all there is a frequent declaration of Christmas being a time of love and peace. And yet, the incarnate expression of love that kicked off the celebration often goes unheard.

Sinclair B Ferguson’s reflective and nourishing Advent study explores God’s love at Christmas, as well as providing you with the prayers and reflections to help you slow down and appreciate the ultimate gift of love.

Order Love Came Down At Christmas today.  

The Art of Advent

The Art of Advent - SPCK Advent Study

What does Christmas look like to you? Do you see a nativity, a pile of presents, a full table, or a decked-out tree? Whichever way you see it, Christmas is an incredibly visual celebration. Following up the bestselling ‘Art of Lent’ devotional, The Art of Advent offers quietly reflective devotionals that draw spiritual messages from a series of paintings draw on the Christmas story.

Artworks by William Blake, Rembrandt van Rijn, Edgar Degas and many others offer new, spiritual ways of exploring artworks for yourself. A poignant devotional for Christians with a love of culture.

Order The Art of Advent today.

Wild Advent by Rachel Summers

Wild Advent - Kevin Mayhew Advent Study

Putting the ‘Advent’ in adventure, this family devotional is filled with outdoor activities and discoveries based on the Carmelite themes for Advent:  Waiting, Accepting, Journeying, and Birthing. Whether its making pebble art, dragon breaths, sand pictures, or any of the other outdoor adventures, Wild Advent helps you and your family spend time discovering God through creation.

Inside and outside; when it’s dark and when it’s light; things to make and things to do - there is no shortage of adventure to be found this Advent.

Order Wild Advent today. 

The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars

The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars - BRF Advent Study

Christmas as a time of peace seems all but resigned to the fronts of greetings cards. Seeing the world in a state of need, it can be easy to feel deflated - but there is hope.

This year's Advent guide from BRF helps you both understand and share God’s message of hope for the world. Through Biblical text, stories of missionaries from around the world and encouragements to step out yourself, The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars offers a challenge to not only celebrate the peace of Christmas, but to also share it with those around you.

Order The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars today.

Celtic Advent by David Cole

Celtic Advent - BRF Advent Study

There is a deep-rooted sense of tradition at the heart of Christmas. Both in your own family’s little traditions and the traditions that grow from throughout the history of Christianity. Over a series of devotions for 40 days, Celtic Advent looks back to rich beliefs of Celtic Christianity and all the wonder and mystery it celebrates.

A great way to draw on the holiness of the season, Celtic Advent is a journey that draws on the rich vein of awe that is found throughout the story and season of Advent.

Order Celtic Advent today.


A Strange Christmas - CWR Advent Study

A Strange Christmas - CWR Advent Book

Krish Kandiah thinks Christmas is a little strange, and he isn’t wrong. God is completely silent for 400 years, and when He sends his only son it isn't into a world of palaces, riches, and splendour befitting the maker of the universe. It’s into a world of poverty, danger, scandal and escape. Yet, after having experienced many Christmases, the story seems perfectly normal. Even cute.

Perhaps it’s time to celebrate the strangeness of Christmas once again.

This Advent book is part of CWR’s Cover-to-Cover Bible study series and is great for new Christians as well as seasoned ones. Filled with discussion questions and unique insights, it’s time to let go of the Christmas you thought you knew, and rediscover a strange Christmas once again.

Order A Strange Christmas today.

For even more inspiring and enlightening Advent study guides, shop in our Advent Studies department today!


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October 3rd, 2018 - Posted & Written by Aaron Lewendon

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