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So you’re looking for a youth focused Bible for yourself or for your favourite 13 to 19 year old.

You want more than a 'text only' Bible – you want a Bible that copes with early, mid or late teen life at home, college, church and beyond.

Youth Bible 'Must Haves'

Let’s keep it simple, and let's keep the price to well under £20. Meaning your choice of Eden's Youth Bibles comes down to three equally important must haves:

1. The right look:

Cover choice really matters. You need a Bible you want to be seen with. You might want one that doesn't stand out, or one that links you to a big youth festival brand. Covers can be smart and modern, cool and trendy, flash and snappy or pocket and bag friendly.

2. The right stuff:

You want a youth Bible that’s not afraid of questions. One that takes on evolution, self esteem, suicide, consumerism, relationships and yes, sex. You could choose one that goes through the whole Bible in one year, shows you how to apply its meaning in real life or gives you a Catholic Youth Focus.

3. The right read:

Youth Bibles come in all the modern English versions. From the original and New King James (KJV/NKJV) through to its latest successor: the English Standard Version (ESV), the popular New International (NIV) and bestselling New Century Version (NCV), to the lively New Living (NLT) and free flowing Message Remix.


7+1 Magnificent Youth Bibles

Whether your looking to kit yourself out with a youth Bible, or find a gift that’ll be well received, here’s my choice of 7 + 1 magnificent youth bibles and what their best for.

1. NCV Youth Bible: (MOST READABLE)

Best for: early to mid teens. Desk, bedside and group study.

Smart and modern hardback bestseller with 470 real life stories and advice covering depression, drugs, cults, sexuality, peer pressure, stress, decision making and so much more.

Easy to follow Bible layout with embedded notes and maps.


2. NIV Soul Survivor Youth Bible (MOST FESTIVAL LINKED)

Best for: mid teens. Desk, bedside and group study, events and gigs.

Cool Soul Survivor branded hardback exposing the big issues of suffering, oppression and consumerism.

Also answers key personal questions like ‘What should I do with my life?’ and, ‘Why should I even read the Bible?’


3. NLT Teen Life Application Study Bible (MOST GIFTWORTHY)

Best for: mid to late teens. Faces up to living the Bible.

Takes on life’s serious issues with application notes directly linked to the challenges of college, university and first jobs.

Top of the range editions feature leather-like charcoal covers for young men or stylish pinks for young women.



Best for: mid teens. Streetwise paperback for home and away.

LIVE edition Bibles invite a response. Includes personal pages with space to reflect, record thoughts, doodle, interact, and make conversation.

A wealth of content experience, and activities created by and for teens, includes a Catholic Edition.

5. NIV Soul Survivor Bible In One Year (MOST DEVOTIONAL)

Best for: mid-teens. Desk, bedside and group study, events and gigs.

Soul Survivor ministry team lead teens through the Bible in 365 easily grasped readings dated to match the school and college year.

Daily devotionals and prayers give Bible reading a practical purpose in a real life context.


6. ESV Student Study Bible (MOST MATURE LOOKING)

Best for: mature teens and above. Desk, private and group study.

Doesn’t have the word ‘teen’ on its cover. Comprehensive, content-rich British text resource for older college and uni students looking to engage in more serious Bible study.

Includes 900 mind catching Bible trivia and topical real life articles. For something even more mature, try the ESV Global Study Bible.



Best for: mature teens. Cool witness in college and cafe.

Compact and trendy goth or biker cover in the latest update of the traditional King James text. Obviously a Bible, but never out of place in today’s youth and café culture.

Includes Bible-in-a-year plan and Jesus’ words in red.


7+1. Message Remix: Pause (MOST UNDERSTATED)

Best for: All students teens to twenties.

When you don’t want be seen as ‘churchy’. About as far from the traditional Bible as you can get – in cover and content. Gives you the Bible in free flowing, everyday speech.

Ideal for young people and students not brought up in church or don’t want be labelled as churchy.


More Youth Bible Resources and Gifts

For the full range of’s Youth Focused Bibles and Bible Resources - including value benefits of 10+ Bible packs, click on the link and go straight to what you need.

Youth Bibles and Bible study resources will help teens to twenties navigate the Bible and chart their journey through the joys and hazards, highs and lows of young adult life.

And with cover art designed for life, well resourced youth focused Bibles make stylish and well received gifts for teens to twenties setting out on their most challenging, exciting and rewarding years.

Use this buyers guide and enjoy choosing yours.- Les Ellison

1st November

November 1st, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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