Catholic Missals: new for priest and people

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The Catholic Missal has everything necessary for the celebration of the Catholic Mass all in one volume.

This essential resource is complete with classic liturgical texts, a wealth of prayers, collects and readings for churches, colleges, and personal devotion throughout the year.

The bishops of England and Wales began the gradual introduction of the new English translation of the Order of Mass in September 2011. The full text of the new translation was published in October 2011 and the gradual introduction of the new completed onthe First Sunday of Advent 2011.


Complete and comprehensive resource

New publications of the Catholic Missal contain the 2011 Vatican endorsed English translation, commissioned to replace the translation used sice the 1970s. Returning to a more 'authentic' translation of the official Latin text, some editions of the New Order Missal have both the English and Latin texts on facing pages.

A complete resource to lead the Mass and invovle the people in the rite, Sunday Missals and the separate Daily Missals contain the Order of Mass with all Eucharistic prayers, prefaces, concluding rites, blessings and readings for the relevant celebration of the Mass.


Involving priest and people in the Mass

New Catholic Missals usually include a full calendar, lists of feasts, readings for reference and Masses for special occasions and needs. Additional features include parallel Latin texts alongside the English for the Order of Mass and the priest's prayers. Preparatory prayers for before Mass and prayers of thanksgiving and devotion for after Mass are provided.

The larger Alter Missals are more generallyintended for the Priest and concelebrants in the Mass. The smaller ‘hand missals’ allow members of the congregation to follow the Mass - in Latin or English with understanding and devotion.


Comprehensive texts and resources

A comprehensive appendix of other prayers and devotions such as Stations of the Cross and prayers before the Blessed Sacrament are supported by inspiring introductions for major feasts and seasons. Additional children’s, confirmation and first communion Missals are also available.

Practical features of modern Catholic Missals include strong lay-flat binding, durable non-reflective paper and easy to turn page flaps. Full indexing and notes to facilitate up to 4 con-celebrants make for ease of use during the Mass.

Quick Guide to New Catholic Missals

What are they?

  • A one volume resource for the celebration of the Catholic Mass.
  • For celebrating Latin, English, daily and Sunday Masses throughout the year.
  • Designed for practicality in use by Priests, concelebrants and worshippers.

Why will they do for me?

  • Help you celebrate, follow or study the Catholic Mass.
  • Explain the Catholic Mass in the context of the church’s life and year.
  • Provide a gift to support someone in their faith or ministry.
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March 9th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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