Bethel Music - The Loft Sessions: new acoustic worship unplugged and reconnected

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Bethel Music is the new label for words and sounds from the Redding church with a worldwide influence on church culture and worship in music. The breadth and depth of Bethel Music artistry goes way beyond their youth ministry ‘Jesus Culture’ label based in the California mega-church.

‘The Loft Sessions’: more heart and less hype

The newest release on the Bethel Music label offers something of an antidote to the ‘Jesus Culture’ arena-scale youth event live worship recordings. ‘The Loft Sessions’ recorded as its name suggests in the more compact settings of a converted loft, offer a more intimate and thoughtful live music experience.
Away from the technical constraints of big venue performance, the exceptional Bethel Church musicians are set free to give of their un-plugged best. ‘The Loft Sessions’ collection sets the standard in the new and growing popularity of ‘acoustic’ worship music.

‘The Lost Sessions’ is authentic, practical worship music. Free of the overpowering energy of large scale arena worship, this is worship for your personal space. It’s music and words for your private devotion or for you to set the right atmosphere for small group gatherings and in more compact settings.
This is stripped down worship music that allows you the time and space to reconnect with the music, the musicians, other worshippers and with the God that brings it all together. Recorded over several evenings with established and emerging Bethel Music artists, the CD/DVD sets the stage for a refreshing. experience of community and creativity in worship.

‘Love Came Down’: more unplugged worship from Bethel Music
Further new releases in the style of ‘The Loft Sessions’ include ‘Love Came Down’ featuring Bethel worship pastors Brian and Jenn Johnson. Another CD/DVD combination, ‘Love Came Down’ brings a visual dimension to the relaxed intimate style of acoustic worship with the spiritual connections at the heart of the Bethel Church experience.
‘Be Lifted High’: Bethel Music in live church worship
Back on the big stage, ‘Be Lifted High’ is live worship from Bethel Music’s home church and musicians in Redding, California. 13 tracks of fresh new songs are backed up with DVD bonus features including interviews with Bethel Church pastor Bill Johnson, and personal stories from Bethel Music performers and leaders.

Quick Guide to

Bethel Music New Releases – what are they?

  • New live and studio recordings from the musicians and worship leaders of Bethel Church, Redding, California.
  • Music and songs from Bethel Church worship services and from small venue, ‘acoustic’ sessions.
  • Stripped down worship without the technical constraints of large scale for arena performance.

Bethel Music New Releases – why would I want them?

  • For a refreshing approach to live worship with a more varied and mature sound.
  • For recordings by Bethel Church musicians together and as solo artists.
  • For a more intimate style of ‘acoustic’ worship created in smaller venues for use in personal or small group devotions.
19th January

January 19th, 2012 - Posted & Written by Les Ellison

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