White Leather Bible

The Bible is a book that usually comes with a black or brown cover. Some people like to spice it up and get a white leather bible though. This white leather bible just has a bit of a different feel and look to it. Although it seems like just something small, it is just a matter of personal preference. Some people just like to have a white leather bible as a matter of design and comfort. Whatever gets them to carry around the holy book more is good with most people.
NJB Presentation Bible: White, Bonded Leather

NJB Presentation Bible: White, Bonded Leather
Suitable for a Christening, First Communion, Marriage, & Confirmation

by New Jerusalem Bible

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The New Jerusalem Bible is recognised as one of today's most accurate, clear and modern translations, the fruit of long collaboration between leading biblical scholars. This beautiful Pocket Edition presents the text in perfect gift format, suitable for any occasion, with a self-adhesive presentation plate Bound in white leather with gold blocking, gilt edges, white ribbon and stored in a slipcase. It contains the full Bible, with special features to help you understand and navigate the text:

  • A Glossary, with verse references, explaining key terms and themes
  • A Chronological History, showing biblical events against contemporary world rulers and dynasties
  • An Index of Persons, with verse references
  • Brief Introductions to every book
  • Almost 200 Footnotes on key words and concepts


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