The Lion Handbook to the Bible

The Lion Handbook To The Bible

Trying to find a resource book to help with the Bible can be a challenge. However, if you know about the Lion Handbook to the Bible you will find that it is rather easy to find a great resource to help you learn about the Bible. By using this book you will be thrust deeper into the study of the Bible than what you had ever thought possible before. Then you can finally understand what all the parables in the Bible means for the context of present time rather than ancient times.
Lion Handbook to the Bible

Lion Handbook to the Bible

by David Alexander; Pat Alexander

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Easy to understand and helpful for studying the bible or just finding a simple explanation, this is almost the ideal accompaniment to studying the Bible with a wealth of helpful pictures, maps and insights into the culture of the time of some of the writings. Readers familiar with earlier editions will find the well loved excellent photography, readable, text and superb design up-dated with recent developments and research representing excellent value for money.
Bound in handsome blue and gold stiffened covers, the book offers over 800 pages and 700 photos and illustrations geared mainly for the average, non-academic reader. 100 or so opening pages form an introduction, explaining the Holy Book's setting, structure, history, and relevance to today.
Eeach book of the Bible is extensively covered, with insights into the most famous stories, and explanations of the not so well-known passages. Separate coloured panels give extra focus to various Biblical characters and issues such as Jewish law, customs, architecture and many more.

The Very First Christmas

The Very First Christmas
The Beginner's Bible

by Catherine DeVries

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The Very First Christmas introduces children to one of the most wonderful stories of all time, the birth of Jesus. Using the popular and vibrant artwork from the Beginner's Bible, children will learn the events leading up to Jesus' birth and his miraculous arrival.

Beginner's Bible for Toddlers

Beginner's Bible for Toddlers
Toddler Introduction to Bible Stories

by Catherine DeVries

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The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers is the toddler friendly Bible that includes everything your little ones need to enjoy the Bible, time and time again.


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