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As young children learn more and more about the Bible they love to look at stories in their own little Bible. You can give them the gift of Scriptures and encourage their curiousity about the word of God with our line of my little Bibles. My little Bibles are filled with pictures and stories to enhance their learning and interest. My little Bibles are perfect for children's church classes or for private tutoring as the Bible is first introduced.
Beginner's Bible for Toddlers

Beginner's Bible for Toddlers
Toddler Introduction to Bible Stories

by Catherine DeVries

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The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers is the toddler friendly Bible that includes everything your little ones need to enjoy the Bible, time and time again. An ideal first introduction to the stories, themes and people of the Old and New Testament, this 'Beginners Bible' is a delightful lead-in to your child's first contact with the whole Bible.

Reasons to buy, share and give 'The Toddlers Bible'

  • For a 2s to 5s age-appropriate introduction to the Bible
  • Starter Bible that grown-ups and toddlers can share
  • Simply text encourages children to start reading themselves
  • Bright art work engages even the very youngest children
  • Padded cover and rounded corners make for safe and easy handling
  • Board pages give you a durable, well received gift opportunity

With padded front cover and rounded corners throughout, the detail is charming and makes this easy to hold and read little book a welcome gift. The creators of 'The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers' have taken time and care to ensure your toddlers will love it.

Bible in Pictures for Toddlers

Bible in Pictures for Toddlers

by Ella K. Lindvall

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Testaments, re-told in an entertaining and expressive manner. Easy for a toddler to follow along as grown-ups read. From the favorite stories of Bible heroes like "Joseph Gets a New Coat" to the lessons Jesus taught in "A Man Hunts for His Lost Sheep," kids will love hearing stories from The Bible in Pictures for Toddlers.

My Little Bible Board Book

My Little Bible Board Book

by Christina Goodings

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Mitchell's bright and smiley characters exude cheerfulness and faith.

The padded covers and rounded corners mean that this book is ideal for little hands and everyday play. The result is a very usable book which feels about the same size as a proper grown up "Bible" and that very little children can browse or their own or have read aloud to them.

My Big Little Bible

My Big Little Bible
Includes My Little Bible, My Little Bible Promises, and My Little Prayers

by Stephanie Britt

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Three favourite 'My Little Bible Series' books in one big Bible book.
'My Little Bible' series has long been a favourite of young children, Bible stories, Promises, and Prayers simply told with bright friendly illustrations.


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