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The Message Parallel Bible was written by Eugene Peterson. The Message Parallel Bible was written to resemble a letter from God to the readers. The final version of the Message Parallel Bible was released in 2002, and has become a very popular method of studying the Bible from a new perspective. One of the goals of the Message Parallel Bible is to present the words of the Bible in a narrative, readable, flowing form, with no distracting verse numbers.
NASB / The Message Parallel Bible: Hardback

NASB / The Message Parallel Bible: Hardback

by Zondervan

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Designed to read like a letter from God, "The Message" presents Scripture the way it originally appeared, as a naturally flowing narrative.

Using only the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, "The Message's" creator, Eugene Peterson, began by setting the New Testament, "Psalms", and proverbs in contemporary English, free of distracting verse numbers and stiff, formal language. The result has been a warm, highly readable paraphrase that reveals the richly personal nature of God's Word. The Old Testament followed, and the complete "Message Bible" was released in 2002.

Used in both public preaching and private devotions, "The Message" has captured the hearts of millions of readers, enriching their understanding of Scripture and deepening their faith. In the mid-20th century, The Lockman Foundation saw the need for a new translation based upon the values that inspired the revered American Standard Version (ASV). Employing the same exacting word-for-word approach as the ASV, a world-class team of conservative translators and scholars drew on the strengths of its predecessor and on new Hebrew and Greek textual sources to produce an all-new translation.

NKJV / ESV / NLT / The Message Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible

NKJV / ESV / NLT / The Message Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible

by John R. Kohlenberger III

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Version and English Standard Version permit close word-study, while the New Living Translation and The Message present the text as its earliest audiences might have experienced it.

The complete texts of the four translations featured in this volume are conveniently displayed on facing pages (two translations per page), with the same set of verses on each one.


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