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KJV Reese Chronological Bible: Hardback

KJV Reese Chronological Bible: Hardback

by E. Reese

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In this extraordinary volume, you can read the entire Bible in historical sequence--all the events in the order in which they actually occurred. At the beginning of the text itself is a thorough chronological index of the entire Bible, dividing Bible history into eighteen distinct epochs. At the end of the text is a chapter index, enabling the reader to readily locate the page on which any chapter of Scripture may be found in The Authorized King James Version .
* Large easy-to-read type
* Stories of the divided kingdoms of Israel presented in parallel columns* Dictionary-style pronunciation of difficult words* Chapter and chronological indexes* And more!* Size: 7" x 9.5" x 1.5"* 1613 pages,* Hardcover

Now you can put together the giant puzzle of biblical people, places, and dates because the text has been printed in chronological order.

KJV Seamless New Testament: Hardback,

KJV Seamless New Testament: Hardback,
The Story of Christ; The Events of the New Testament in Chronological Order

by Mersch Carol

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Seamless Bible presents these chronicles of the original translation for the first time ever in a seamless chronological order as they happened.

Adapted from the King James Version, the fabric of the Gospel has been rewoven into an easy-to-read narrative that presents the story of Christ and His Apostles in sequential order to provide new insights about His life and times.