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If you are a part of a major religious organization where you will be distributing material you may want to find a distributor. Your congregation will most likely want to have their own books and supplies so it probably makes sense to choose one of the bible suppliers in your area to meet this need. There are many different bible suppliers so it is important to do some research and find out which one will be best for you and your congregation.
KJV Reese Chronological Bible: Hardback

KJV Reese Chronological Bible: Hardback

by E. Reese

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In this extraordinary volume, you can read the entire Bible in historical sequence--all the events in the order in which they actually occurred. At the beginning of the text itself is a thorough chronological index of the entire Bible, dividing Bible history into eighteen distinct epochs. At the end of the text is a chapter index, enabling the reader to readily locate the page on which any chapter of Scripture may be found in The Authorized King James Version .
* Large easy-to-read type
* Stories of the divided kingdoms of Israel presented in parallel columns* Dictionary-style pronunciation of difficult words* Chapter and chronological indexes* And more!* Size: 7" x 9.5" x 1.5"* 1613 pages,* Hardcover

Now you can put together the giant puzzle of biblical people, places, and dates because the text has been printed in chronological order.


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