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A bible reading fellowship is a great way to gather friends and family to discuss the timeless stories of the bible. Whether it is held at your church, a community centre, or your home, a bible reading fellowship helps you strengthen your faith by examining the stories of the bible and sharing your thoughts. Discussing matters such as morality, family, faith, and devotion as they relate to the bible readings will help you build stronger relationships with your community, friends, self, and God.
The Jesus Movie DVD

The Jesus Movie DVD
Read and Share DVD Bible

by Thomas Nelson Publishers; Gwen Ellis

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Experience the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Based on the art style of the Read and Share Bible, The Jesus Movie transports children to Nazareth for the story of Jesus' birth, follows his life and miracles along the shores of Lake Galilee and ends in Jerusalem with his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection - all in one dramatic 80-minute movie. The excitement and joy of Jesus' life, the danger and conflict with the Pharisees, the challenge and growth of the disciples - it's all here in a simple, straightforward narrative.


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