Now you can take the Bible with you anywhere with Glo! Portable and interactive, Glo is the Bible for the person on the go. Unlike a traditional Bible, zoom quickly into relevant media and resources for every verse. You've never had anything like this. Bible Glo also features an atlas, chronological timeline, topical content, relevant videos and filters relevant to your current study. Get your Glo and get on the go!
Glo Bible

Glo Bible
Bringing the Bible to Life

by Metcalfe, Ian

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Glo Bible is a Bible software tool for computers to help learn and understand through interacting with the original Hebrew and Greek text. Glo Bible features the whole of the NIV Bible with British spelling, grammar and punctuation. The Glo Bibles also includes the KJV and NIV Study Bible translations. You can also click on applications that allow you to see the places across the world where certain events took place
Applications Available on Glo Bible.
There are several applications available to use on Glo Bible that make Bible studies fun and interesting.
Timeline application allows users of Glo Bible to view where events happened chronologically and in context with one another through a zoomable interface.
There is an atlas in Glo Bible where major stories and locations of the Bible appear geographically with a zoomable Google-maps style interface along with map overlays, tours, photos, and videos from experts.
Glo Topical allows you to find relevant verses from the bible and articles of subjective matter are searchable by keyword and include commentary from leading authors, scholars and other experts.


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