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Bestsellers in Christian DVDs has assembled a fantastic collection of Christian Audio Books and we offer a vast array of genres to choose from including Fiction, Christian Life, Children’s Books, Bible Study, Biography, Church Resources, Sunday School Resources, Theology, Sermons, Classics and Devotionals.

An audio book is a book read aloud on CD, cassette or MP3. The recording is usually read by the authors themselves or a professional voice artist.  By putting a book on CD, people can listen to their favourite books wherever they are – whether they’re going for a country walk, driving, or just relaxing. 

We have thousands of audio books to choose from – so whether its groundbreaking fiction like The Shack, a classic novel like The Pilgrim’s Progress, entertaining Christian thought from the likes of Adrian Plass (Preaching to the converted) and Jeff Lucas (Life with Lucas), or the latest sermons from the likes of TD Jakes and Joseph Prince – we have the Christian audio books that you are looking for here at