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Amplified Bible

What is The Amplified Bible? Basically the Bible amplified is the Bible made loud and clear in today’s English. It’s the translation that takes into account both the meaning of Geek and Hebrew words, and the context in which their used.

This gives an accurate and reliable translation of scripture from the ancient, original languages into modern English.
The Amplified Bible opens up its translation methods so that today’s reader can see exactly what the scripture translators are doing. By giving explanations where alternate interpretations might be made, the meanings of the Greek and Hebrew words that might have been lost in traditional translation methods are revealed to the reader.

Users of the Amplified Bible find they can discover all the shades of meaning in the languages of the original text. In their search for what the Bible means for today, they can better understand the inspiration of the original writers and what they were moved to communicate to today’s Bible reader.

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