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What's In The Bible

What’s In The Bible will be a 15 DVD series. Each DVD has original music, animation, puppets, and has been written to teach children about God and the Bible. DVDs 1 - 13 follow the books of the Bible with the 2 extra DVDs looking at Christmas and Easter. Children will love meeting energetic characters including Buck Denver, Man of News (you'll love him), singing along with great songs and many will fall about laughing at some of fabulous stories and animations. 

What's In the Bible is created by Phil Vischer - the man behind the popular DVD series Veggie Tales.

What's In The Bible 1 DVD

What's In The Bible 1 DVD

In The Beginning - Now with New Cover Design

by Phil Vischer

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Phil Vischer – creator of the global smash success VeggieTales – has released his much anticipated follow-up: ‘What’s In The Bible’. And with the first two DVDs available now, the buzz is already out there.

Presenting a 13-DVD series. Each DVD is filled with original music, animation, puppe

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