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Spring Harvest deepens your walk with God & takes the lead in helping change lives. Become inspired by Spring Harvest & influence your life

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Spring Harvest 2012 Spring Harvest 3

Church Actually: God's Brilliant Idea

Are you ready for Spring Harvest 2012? Well in the new year Spring Harvest will be hosting one of its largest events in history, commencing Saturday 31 March 2012 at Minehead (31st March -15th April) and Skegness (10th-15th April), Spring Harvest will be an event you won't want to miss. With the amazing vibrant worship, inspirational teaching and a truly refreshing break, Church Actually is the theme and it promises to provide a spirit filled experience.

The Church Actually theme will look at a 'brilliant idea' involved in God's founding of the church. To ensure that all of the family enjoys Spring Harvest to its fullest the team work hard to help all ages connect in a unique, appropriate way, with numerous adult, youth and teen sessions.  Church Actually will help you grow and explore your relationship with God.

Family funfairs, water parks, playgrounds, organised sports and relaxing spa's, Spring Harvest is a not only a place where everyone can find God and learn about themselves and others, it's also an opportunity to take time out of our busy lives. We have an extensive range of Spring Harvest products that will prepare you for a once in a lifetime experience, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Spring Harvest attendee.

Spring Harvest Resources Spring Harvest

Here at we realise the significance of Spring Harvest and the importance it is in thousands of people’s lives. We aim to provide you with the full range of Spring Harvest products currently available. Each Spring Harvest related product provides the perfect place to begin or to continue your journey exploring ways to communicate with God. 

Spring Harvest Introduction Video Spring Harvest

Why not take a look at what Spring Harvest is all about and watch this introductory video, including views from experienced 'Spring Harvesters' and people who are new to the event. Explore and see the excitement that Spring Harvest brings to so many lives.

Spring Harvest

Explore Spring Harvest

Spring Harvest LogoSpring Harvest provides a channel to encounter God and helps you explore Christianity to the fullest. It was born in 1979 and has continued to grow, in turn also helping people to grow. The main event takes place during Easter time, located in Skegness and Minehead in the UK and facilitated by Butlins. Each event has a unique theme, creating originality and new experiences in all walks of life.

Each Spring Harvest event brings together over 55,000 people each year, giving them a chance to worship, teach, challenge, growth and relax.  There is a huge variety of modern Christian music, workshops, Bible study groups and exciting, fun activities for all age ranges.

Every year the festival has so much to offer, in equipping people with life skills and creating life changing experiences. The miraculous event provokes you to experience more and to grow as an individual and as a family. The concept circulates around the exposure to God and finding a medium to walk hand in hand with him, changing and expressing your life in ways that you have never encountered.

With the yearly event having such an influence on people, Spring Harvest provides tools to help the transition of change throughout the year providing resources to those who want to continue the experience all year round. Spring Harvest works to equip you for life and revive everyone who attends or encounters its resources.