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Soul Survivor logo An Introduction to Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor is a Christian charity based in Watford Hertfordshire.  The charity hosts several summer festivals in the UK that are aimed at young people.  Other Soul Survivor events take place around the world every year and are organised by charitable bodies in each country.

Soul Survivor has a central church based in Watford, Hertfordshire and is based in two converted warehouses. The Church promotes the following values –

  • Committed community
  • Active compassion
  • Intimate worship
  • Relevant evangelism

The aim of the Soul Survivor Church is to gather young people together to worship God and to become a community that seeks to “communicate the love of Jesus to the young people of Watford”

The Purpose of Soul Survivor

The purpose of Soul Survivor is to assemble young people from all denominations to learn more about God and meet new people. There are opportunities to seek, praise, listen and learn how to follow Jesus better.

Soul Survivor key value is building relationships with God, one another and the world God loves.

Soul Survivor Events

Soul Survivor is best known for its summer conferences in the UK, consisting of one to two week-long festivals that usually take place over July and August. The summer conferences attract thousands of young people every year that gather for morning and evening meetings to worship God with music by various Christian artists and to learn more about him through the Bible.

The summer conferences include:

  • Soul Survivor A
  • Soul Survivor B & C
  • Momentum

The Soul Survivor events are intended to spread the message of God’s love to young people, helping them to know God more and to live a life worshiping him.  The charity is passionate about young people developing in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

The Soul Survivor charity also promotes its message at retreats, resources, local church-based events, training events, discipleship courses and mentoring programmes, and through mission experience in the world.

History of Soul Survivor

The Soul Survivor Church and conferences was established in 1993 by Mike Pilavachi and Matt Redman, former youth workers at the St Andrews Church in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire. The pair began to develop the Soul Survivor charity after they were inspired by the New Wine conferences and both set out to start their own festival with the intention to bring thousands of young people together praising God.

 The first Soul Survivor conference took place in 1993 when 1,896 young people attended the first festival. In 1995 the event split across two different weeks - Soul Survivor A and Soul Survivor B. By 2006 the events attendance over the two separate weeks was around 25,000.

The Momentum festival is a summer event aimed at students and people over 20. The festival offers a programme for those who want to go a bit deeper in their worship. The first Momentum festival was founded in 2004 and saw just under 5000 people attend between the 19th and 24th of August.