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New Living Translation Bibles (NLT)

The NLT, published in 1996 traces its origins back to Kenneth N Taylor's groundbreaking bestseller, The Living Bible, of 1971. The latest 2010 New Living Translation translation claims to be a balance between ‘thought-for-thought’ and ‘word-for-word’ translation; but many would consider the NLT Bible to be more dynamic than literal in translation compared to the NIV Bible and the NKJV Bible.

The purpose of the New Living Translation was to produce a Bible that sits in the middle of the translation spectrum, which truly represents the original texts of Scripture in clear, contemporary English. The translators began by wrestling with the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic to lay a literal foundation; then they dynamically phrased hard to understand phrases and misleading words into natural English. The result is an exegetically accurate translation with modern clarity. This makes the NLT Bible excellent for public reading and personal devotion.

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