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Question about The Best Of Graham Kendrick

Aug 2nd, 2011 - Posted by Eden Customer about The Best Of Graham Kendrick Subscribe Answered Product 592 views


Does the book The Best Of Graham Kendrick feature written music or just lyrics on a disc?

Posted by Eden Customer  
1 Answer
Teresa Cooke
Teresa Cooke
September 23rd, 2013 at 11:09AM • Respond

<p>This product, The Best Of Graham Kendrick, is actually a music CD rather than a book.</p>
<p>There are some Graham Kendrick music books available.</p>
<p>We have:</p>
<p>The Ultimate Graham Kendrick Songbook&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; http://www.eden.co.uk/shop/the-ultimate-graham-kendrick-songbook-3463750.html</p>
<p>This product contains Word Masters, Chord Charts &amp; Sheet Music for each of the following songs:</p>
<p><br />Shine Jesus Shine<br />The Servant King<br />Knowing You<br />Make Way Make Way<br />Meekness &amp; Majesty<br />Such Love<br />God Of The Poor<br />Rejoice<br />Jesus Put This Song In Our Hearts<br />Teach Me To Dance<br />Restore O Lord<br />Amazing Love<br />I&rsquo;m Special<br />We Worship At Your Feet<br />We Believe<br />Jesus Stand Amongst Us<br />Led Like A Lamb<br />Let The Flame Burn Brighter<br />We Are Here To Praise You<br />God Is Good / Say It Loud<br />O Lord The Clouds Are Gathering<br />May The Fragrance<br />For This I Have Jesus<br />The Price Is Paid<br />O Lord Your Tenderness<br />Soften My Heart<br />The Candle Song<br />All The Glory<br />Lead Me To The Cross<br />And He Shall Reign<br />For This Purpose<br />Here Is Bread Here Is Wine<br />Immanuel O Immanuel<br />We Shall Stand<br />The King Is Among Us<br />Who Can Sound The Depths Of Sorrow<br />From The Sun&rsquo;s Rising<br />In The Tomb So Cold<br />O I Love You<br />I Will Build My Church<br />To You O Lord<br />The Wine Of The Kingdom<br />Father Me<br />The Giving Song<br />He That Is In Us<br />Show Your Power O Lord<br />Lord You Are So Precious<br />Look To The Skies<br />Good News</p>
<p>We also have:</p>
<p>The Graham Kendrick Collection: Over 150 of His Worship Songs http://www.eden.co.uk/shop/the_graham_kendrick_collection__over_150_of_his_worship_songs_37314.html</p>
<p>The songs included on this product are:</p>
<p>Above the clash of creeds <br /> All I once held dear <br /> All heaven waits <br /> Amazing grace <br /> And he shall reign <br /> Another bad day at the world <br /> Beauty for brokenness <br /> Be holy <br /> Be patient, be ready <br /> Big man <br /> Broken hearts <br /> Celebrate, celebrate <br /> Christ is King of all creation <br /> Clear the road <br /> Come and see <br /> Come bring an offering of praise <br /> Come, let us return <br /> Come, let us worship Jesus <br /> Come on, let's get up and go <br /> Come see the beauty of the Lord <br /> Declare his glory <br /> Far and near <br /> Father God, we worship you <br /> Father, never was love so near <br /> Father, now that my eyes <br /> First light <br /> Fling wide your doors <br /> Footsteps on the sea <br /> For God so loved the world <br /> For the joys and for the sorrows <br /> For Zion's sake <br /> From heaven you came <br /> From the sun's rising <br /> From where the sun rises <br /> God, be gracious <br /> God is good <br /> God is great <br /> Hear, O Lord, our cry <br /> Hear our cry <br /> He is here <br /> Here in this holy place <br /> Here is bread <br /> He that is in us <br /> He walked where I walk <br /> High above the dark horizon <br /> How can I be free from sin? <br /> How good and how pleasant <br /> How still, how silent <br /> Humbly we gather together <br /> I delight greatly in the Lord <br /> If anyone wants to come after me <br /> If my people who bear my name <br /> If you are encouraged <br /> I'm special <br /> In the tomb so cold <br /> In your way <br /> Is anyone thirsty? <br /> Is a rich man worth more than a poor man <br /> I took me my walking shoes <br /> I want to be a history maker <br /> I will build my church <br /> I worship you, O Lamb of God <br /> Jesus Christ is Lord of all <br /> Jesus, he is the light of the world <br /> Jesus' love has got under our skin <br /> Jesus put this song into our hearts <br /> Jesus, restore to us again <br /> Jesus, stand among us <br /> Joy to all the world <br /> King of kings <br /> Led like a lamb <br /> Let all the earth <br /> Let every voice be raised <br /> Let God arise <br /> Let it fill the room <br /> Let me do my work among you <br /> Let the same mind <br /> Lift high the cross <br /> Lift up your heads <br /> Light has dawned <br /> Look what God has done <br /> Lord, have mercy <br /> Lord, have mercy on this nation <br /> Lord, have mercy on us <br /> Lord, make us still <br /> Lord, the light of your love <br /> Lord, we come in your name <br /> Lord, you are so precious to me <br /> Love of Christ, come now <br /> Make way, make way <br /> May our worship be acceptable <br /> May the fragrance <br /> Meekness and majesty <br /> My eyes may see the coming <br /> My heart is full <br /> My Lord, what love is this <br /> Never heard anyone <br /> No need to fear <br /> No scenes of stately majesty <br /> Now in reverence and awe <br /> O Father of the fatherless <br /> O give thanks <br /> O, heaven is in my heart <br /> Oh, I was made for this <br /> Oh, what a morning <br /> O Lord, the clouds are gathering <br /> O Lord, your tenderness <br /> Once upon a universe <br /> One shall tell another <br /> On the blood-stained ground <br /> On this day of happiness <br /> Open the gates <br /> Peace be to these streets <br /> Peace I give to you <br /> Praise to our God <br /> Praise to the Lord <br /> Quite early on in your life <br /> Reach out and take a hand <br /> Rejoice! Restore, O Lord <br /> Save the people <br /> See now here he comes <br /> See, your Saviour comes <br /> Shout his name <br /> Shout the Lord is risen <br /> Show me a vision <br /> Show your power, O Lord <br /> Sing a new song <br /> Soften my heart, Lord <br /> Stretch out your hand <br /> Such love <br /> Teach me to dance <br /> Thank you for the cross <br /> The earth is the Lord's <br /> The King is among us <br /> The Lord is a mighty King <br /> The Lord is King <br /> The Lord is marching out <br /> The Lord will march out <br /> The price is paid <br /> There's a sound on the wind <br /> The Spirit of the Lord <br /> The trumpets sound, the angels sing <br /> This is my beloved Son <br /> This is the year (congregational version) <br /> This is the year (performance version) <br /> Through days of rage and wonder <br /> To keep your lovely face <br /> To the King eternal <br /> To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul <br /> Treasures in the darkness <br /> Turn our hearts <br /> Turn to me and be saved <br /> Wake up, O sleeper <br /> We are here to praise you <br /> We are his children <br /> We are the church <br /> We believe <br /> We declare that the kingdom of God is here <br /> Welcome the King <br /> Well, I was standing in the shadows <br /> We'll walk the land <br /> We shall declare his praise <br /> We shall stand <br /> We will cross every border <br /> When the Lord brought us back <br /> Where two or three <br /> Whether you're one <br /> Who can sound the depths of sorrow <br /> Who sees it all <br /> With my whole heart <br /> Yes, I believe</p>